A Fan-Cooled Cage? Tilta’s Unconventional Sony a6300 Camera Cage Is Beautiful, Functional and…

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Mirrorless cameras have truly burst onto the scene over the past few years and have quickly become immensely popular, especially amongst filmmakers and videographers.

However, one of the largest problems that many shooters have with the bodies is the small design. If you’re used to a chunkier, DSLR style, it often feels like you’re holding something of lesser value, even though you’re clearly not.

One of the best ways to change the ergonomics of these cameras is to implement a camera cage. Tilta is one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of these cages for all the types of Mirrorless cameras out there. Not only are their designs incredibly functional and riddled with ¼ 20 mounts for all of your accessories, they have 15mm rods and if you’re a Sony 6300 shooter… an fan-cooling system?

In one of the weirdest developments this year, Tilta has created an fan-cooling system in their Sony a6300 camera cage. This comes with all of the functions and attachments (specifically that beautiful, powered, start/stop handle) that people have grown accustomed to from Tilta.

This might be the first time in recent memory that a third party manufacturer created a rig that seeks to make up for the shortcomings of a camera system. While, this isn’t necessarily an ideal fix, if it worked, would you be interested in trying it?

I should note, I personally own the Sony a7S version of this cage, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and functional. I’ve used to for monitors, external recorders, AB bricks and matte boxes. If you have any question of quality, rest assured, Tilta delivers.

Newsshooter at IBC 2016: Tilta fan cooled Sony a6300 cage

Via Vimeo video:

At the IBC show in Amsterdam Newsshooter.com editor Dan Chung talks to Tilta about their new cage for the Sony a6300. The a6300 is notorious for overheating when recording video in 4K and several users have devised homemade solutions to attempt to cool the camera. Now Tilta have come out with a cage that is has an active cooling fan in the base that they say should help extend record times and prevent sensor issues.

The fan requires 12V power from an external source. This could be a from one of Tilta's own battery plates for V-lock batteries, or a consumer 12V source.

We weren't able to test out if the cooling works at the show, but anything that attempts keep the a6300 working for extended periods is probably worth a try if it is you have the camera.

For full details visit newsshooter.com

(cover photo credit: snap from video)

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