This Wildlife Photographer Raves About The RED Dragon’s Ability To Capture Spectacular Moments

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The RED Epic Dragon is one of the premiere cameras in the world. The name itself conjures up lots of adjectives, all gravitating around the idea of quality and durability. And while it feels like it’s been overstated at this point exactly how powerful this body and sensor combo is, people continue to find ways to use its features to take their footage to greater heights.

Wildlife Photojournalist Tim Laman is one of those shooters who uses the internal features of the Dragon to great result. Specifically, the pre-record function allows him to capture moments, he would otherwise be unprepared to snag. This feature isn’t even unique to this specific camera, but the other technical specs surrounding that feature make it really shine.

While it’s amazing to be able to pre-record, it’s another to be prepared for whatever might happen. If you’re exposed in a bright region, for a dark subject, but instead you get a light colored subject, you’re probably going to experience some blown out highlights. Luckily, the extended dynamic range of the Dragon gives you the ability to pull back those highlights that you were otherwise unprepared for.

Laman goes into greater detail than I in his quick interview with and explains other ways he uses this camera. Check it out, and if you have fifty thousand dollars, you'll know which camera to spend it on.

Tim Laman Talks Stills and Motion Capture with RED

Tim Laman Talks Stills and Motion Capture with RED image

Via RED:

Wildlife photojournalist Tim Laman recently embarked on a trip to Indonesia to catalog the courtship rituals of the Red Bird-of-Paradise for the BBC Natural History Unit’s upcoming 4K series, Planet Earth II. Capturing images of these elusive birds proved to be a challenge—not only because of their remote habitat in the upper canopies of the rainforest, but also due to their animated display behaviors. Tim has traditionally shot on a DSLR, but decided to bring a RED EPIC on this shoot so that he could capture both high-quality stills and motion images.

Today, Tim takes over RED’s Instagram account to provide insights into the work that went in to capturing these vibrant animals throughout his month-long shoot and to tease the breathtaking images that will appear later this year in Planet Earth II. RED had the opportunity to speak with Tim about his experience moving from a traditional DSLR camera to RED’s Digital Stills and Motion (DSMC) camera system, and how the EPIC provides multiple benefits over a traditional stills camera.

“First is pre-record. I love this feature. It’s always hard to anticipate just when a bird will arrive at a perch, or if it’s sitting there for a long time, when it will suddenly start its display. Using 4 sec pre-record running constantly, I never missed the start of the action.

Another big advantage for wildlife filming is the ability to shoot high-speed. The birds-of-paradise we were filming often moved fast as they dashed up and down their display branches, flipped upside down, and flew back and forth between perches… Shooting at 60 or 75 fps and playing back at 25 [BBC uses PAL frame rates] slows the birds down to human speed and you really just go “wow” when you watch it.”

Read full article at RED “Tim Laman Talks Stills and Motion Capture with RED”

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