This Is What’s Inside That $50K Cinema Lens

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A cinema lens is a finely tuned machine that’s been perfected over decades of fiddling and research. The high end of these lenses are so precise that they could be compared aircraft machinery and their quality control is so regulated you’d think they were making surgical tools.

This video posted on the Science Channel’s Youtube might not be the most detailed explanation of what goes into their creation, but it shows the basics, and even those are interesting.

What I would love to see (or maybe you fine people can link us) is a detailed explanation of not only the mechanics that go into the creation of a high end cinema lens, but a breakdown of each element and how the glass elements relate to each other. Basically, I want to know more. This video will make you want to learn more too.

How Do $50k Movie Camera Lenses Work?

See How a $50K Cinema Lens Works from the Inside Out

Via PetaPixel:

The Science Channel on YouTube just released a really neat video in which they show you the inner workings of a $50K cinema lens. A piece of technology they call, “the perfect combo of modern technology and old fashioned craftsmanship.”

The lens they break down looks like one of the Arri Zeiss Master Primes, and in the video they use some CGI to give you an exploded look at the insides. Once it’s opened up, they show you exactly how the focus ring works and how the aperture blades come together.

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