These Five Creative Slider and Steadicam Tricks Will Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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I personally find that it’s very useful to listen to the ways that other shooters and professionals work and use their gear.

The majority of the time, I don’t necessarily find revelatory information, but what I do gain is another perspective on how other people think. Oftentimes, this gives you the time and ability to reflect on why you do what you do. has released a couple of videos that highlight a few different ways to use a couple of devices that most of us bring on shoots – Sliders and Glidecam/Flycams.

One of the most useful things to take away from watching these, “5 (more) Creative Camera Slider Tricks” is how important it is to change the height of your slides and glides. When I was managing a roster of shooters, this was one of the main concepts that I preached.

It’s easy to find yourself satisfied with your slider at a comfortable height and perfectly even, but where we get the most creative is often not the most comfortable. In fact, a lot of times, it's the least comfortable angle.

Another example of this is in the “5 Creative Glidecam/Flycam Tricks.” Instead of moving around objects in your path, using your muscle and taking the Glidecam/Flycam over objects is difficult and taxing on the body, but it creates a much more impressive/unconventional move that can result in a better shot.

The willingness to get out of your comfort zone is perhaps the most important lesson that you can learn as a shooter.

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Due to the DSLR camera, smaller steadicams like the Glidecam, Merlin, Flycam and more where born. These steadicams are lightweight and very flexible in use. In the first place these steadicams make sure our camera is stable, but when we are creative it allows us to do so much more.

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5 (more) Creative Camera Slider Tricks |

A camera slider is a wonderful tool to add cinematic movement to your shots. In this video you'll learn 5 creative tricks with your DSLR camera slider.

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Exactly 3 years ago we published a tutorial video about different ways you could use a camera slider. We got so many great reactions on it that we had to create another video! This time we share 5 more creative tricks and tips with a camera slider.

A slider is a wonderful tool and what I believe a great investment if you're starting out. Working with a slider gives you more control over the 3 dimensional space we live in and yes, it can make awesome cinematic shots.

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