These 7 LED Soft Lights Are Reasonably Priced And Could Make A Huge Difference On Your Next Shoot

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LED’s are incredibly easy to use, low power consumption lights which makes them, among many other reasons, perfect for fast moving shoots. The problem for many of us are issues of output and CRI. Reasonably priced LED’s can rarely live up to the power encapsulated in the average tungsten light. This is where Cinema5D has stepped in to help.

Sebastian Wober of has put together a list of 7 Awesome LED Soft Lights Under $1500. Included are several videos, reviewing and breaking down the pros and cons of each set up.

For me, one of the biggest struggles when shooting with LED’s is matching the color rendering of Daylight. Often, I shoot fairly quick setups where I’m either diffusing natural light or just providing a kick with the LED. This means that if you’re not keeping an eye on the exact hue of each of your lights, you’ll likely end up with magenta and green hues across your image, even if your white balance is perfect.

My personal favorite on this list struggles with this, but for me, the benefits outweigh the negatives. The iKan White Star Fresnel has a wide flood of light that’s not found in many other systems. Being able to use that wide range gives you more options, and options are what it’s all about.

Which one on this list is your favorite?

7 Awesome LED Soft Lights Under $1500

Via cinema5D:

These days, LED technology is finally at a point where LED soft lights can actually replace expensive HMIs in terms of quality and light output, at a lower weight, lower power consumption and, most importantly, lower cost. The leaders in professional lighting solutions have taken note of this new trend and have adapted their technologies accordingly, with proper LED soft light fixtures finally making their appearance. For example, Dedolight has announced the introduction of a 500W LED version of their popular Panaura soft lights and they call it “Ledraptor”, certainly a rental light to look forward to!

But for now, let’s look at 7 awesome LED soft lights you can get for under $1,500:

1. ALZO 3200 Low Noise LED

ALZO 3200 Low Noise LED

Power Consumption: 200 W
Light Output: 17000 LUX at 1m
CRI rating: 94
Color: Daylight
Softbox Mount: Bowens

We have worked with this light on numerous occasions. It is currently part of our kit and it has held up very well. This light by ALZO Video is the successor to the popular ALZO 3200, also sold as RPS CoolLED, which was considered unreliable by many, had a lower CRI value and created some considerable fan noise which wasn’t ideal for video. The ALZO Low Noise Version seems to have fixed those problems to a certain extent, but there have been very few reviews of the product out there. Our unit works well, the fan noise is acceptable, but our only concern is that the soft box by ALZO does not lock well to the Bowens mount.

You can combine this light with any softbox with a traditional Bowens mount, like the Westcott RapidBox, which is very handy. Alternatively, you can use the more affordable ALZO Square Box.

Cost: $629

2. Aputure Light Storm LS C120t LED

Aputure Light Storm LS C120t LED

Power Consumption: 135 W
Light Output: 2500 LUX at 1m
CRI rating: 97
Color: Tungsten (3000K)
Softbox Mount: Bowens

This model by Aputure is also part of the cinema5D lighting kit. It is lighter and smaller than the ALZO 3200 LN, so it is useful for using it on the go. The downside is that the output is a lot weaker, and is a tungsten light (why?). The build quality seems very good, and it can also run off a V-mount battery. For documentary or small crew shoots without daylight (evening or indoors) this could be a great solution. You could equip this with a Westcott beauty dish or any other Bowens mount softbox. The spread is not ideal, but the light quality and color are really good.

Cost: $629

Read full article at cinema5D “7 Awesome LED Soft Lights Under $1500”

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