These 31 Photoshop Hotkeys Might Change Your Relationship With Photoshop

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Sometimes it feels like Photoshop doesn’t want you to succeed. It’s not a simple program to just jump into, and that can breed a lot of frustration when you’re starting out.

It’s almost exactly like learning a new language. With practice and practical application, you become more literate and then it’s just like having a conversation. You don’t even have to think about it.

But that’s easy enough to say and much harder to actually make happen. Well, this video might help bridge that gap.

Nathaniel Dodson from Tutvid has released a video detailing 31 Photoshop Hotkeys that you might not have learned before and Petapixel has created a full list of each of these hotkeys.

Sometimes it might not seem immediately lucid how each of these tips will help you when you’re editing, remember to think of this like learning a language. It’s not that you’ll use every word every day, but knowing that word and in this case hotkey gives you a greater vocabulary and ability to translate your ideas into reality.

31 Mind Blowing HIDDEN Hotkeys of Photoshop CC!

31 Photoshop Hotkeys You Might Not Have Learned Before

Via PetaPixel:

Dodson has put together a quick run through of some of the least known but most useful Photoshop CC hotkeys that he’s pretty sure you’ve never heard of. In all, he covers 31 different commands from “Precise Brushing Mode” to “Bird’s Eye View” and beyond.

Check out the full list below and then watch the video to see each hotkey in action.

  1. Precise Brushing Mode – Caps Lock
  2. Add a Clipping Mask – Alt/Opt + G
  3. Fill and Preserve Transparency – Shift + Alt/Opt + Backspace/Delete
  4. Camera RAW Switching Panels – Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + 1-9
  5. Create Filled Layer Mask – Alt/Opt + Click
  6. Copy from Multiple Layers – Shift+Cmd+C
  7. Load Channel as a Selection – Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + Shift + 2-5
  8. Hide/Show Layer(s) – Cmd/Ctrl + ,
  9. Cycle through Brushes – (<) or (>)
  10. Open Adjustment w/ Previous Settings – Add Alt/Opt to Adjustment Hotkey
  11. Last Filter w/ Dialog Box to Adjust – Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + F
  12. Choose Different Layer Styles – Cmd/Ctrl + 0-9
  13. Drag in and Center image – Hold Shift Key
  14. Create New Layer Behind – Cmd/Ctrl + Click
  15. Load Path as a Selection – Cmd/Ctrl + Enter/Return
  16. Find Free Transform Handles – Cmd+T and then Cmd+0
  17. Bird’s Eye View – Hold “H” and drag
  18. Flip Tool Usage – Alt/Opt
  19. Show/Hide Marching Ants – Cmd/Ctrl + H
  20. Align Text Left, Center, Right – Cmd-Shift-L/C/R
  21. Show/Hide Guides – Cmd/Ctrl + ;
  22. Show/Hide Rulers – Cmd/Ctrl + R
  23. Temporarily Disable Snapping – Ctrl key
  24. Hotkey Select “Deep” Tools in Toolbar – Shift + Hotkey
  25. Panel Control in UI – Tab & Shift + Tab
  26. Nudge Points on Curves Line – Arrow Keys & Ctrl/Tab to go to next point
  27. Cycle Through Tools in Toolbar – Alt/Opt + Click Icons
  28. Navigate Document – Mouse Wheel + Cmd/Ctrl & Mouse Wheel
  29. Mouse Wheel to Zoom – Cmd/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + Mouse Wheel
  30. Select Layer Contents in Layers Panel – Cmd/Ctrl + Click w/ Move Tool
  31. Duplicate and Nudge Graphic – Alt/Opt + Arrow (add shift to nudge 10px)

Read this article at PetaPixel “31 Photoshop Hotkeys You Might Not Have Learned Before”

Check out Dodson's Youtube Channel for more tips, tricks and tutorials.

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