NEW! The CAME-TV OPTIMUS Gives You Everything You Want in a Gimbal Without The Flash

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CAME-TV has quietly produced an absolute boatload of gear in recent years and specifically really pushed the market for small payload gimbals.

The original CAME-SINGLE Gimbal was a very reasonably priced rig that allowed Mirrorless and small form DSLR video shooters very controlled and smooth motion. It had its downfalls, but for the price, there wasn’t too much on the market to compete with. Then the market was hit with the Ronin-M, and for manufacturers like CAME-TV, lots of things changed.

For a long time, the questions were, “how do we get our gimbal technology to these shooters at a reasonable price?” But the technology has become so ubiquitous that price was no longer the primary motivating factor for customers. It’s about options, ease of use, consistency and flexibility. These questions spawned a new system – The CAME-TV Optimus.

While the CAME-TV Optimus might not be the largest step forward in gimbal technology, it represents a union of a variety of ideas and options that companies have been working towards in the past iterations of gimbals.

One of the two most salient design ideas that I'm referring to is the ability to move from its normal upright configuration down to an inverted, underslung mode. The second being the ability to easily switch from one handed to two handed operation.

It’s easy to write off unconventional manufacturers like CAME-TV because they haven’t had the same marketing breakthroughs like DJI and GoPro, but contributions like the CAME-TV OPTIMUS continue to show that it’s possible to create amazing gear outside of the mainstream.

CAME-OPTIMUS 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit Boards With Encoders



Product Information:

The CAME-OPTIMUS is the successor to our very successful CAME-SINGLE gimbal. The Optimus model also features encoders and allows for one hand operation, but with all of the controls and battery now relocated outside of the handle, the Single handle can be changed to Dual Handles depending on the camera operator's requirement.


The new frame design also allows for the Optimus Gimbal to be operated completely inverted or underslung. All motors rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation. The battery life can run up to 10 hours on a single charge. The single handle has a built in Joystick, but the Optimus will also include a wireless Joystick Remote. The CAME-OPTIMUS has a quick release camera plate along with tool-less adjustments for easy and fast camera balancing.


Free extra battery with purchase. We are now including 2 batteries so you have a backup for long shoots and the convenience of charging one while using the other.

To check the maximum payload of this gimbal, click here

Learn more about CAME-OPTIMUS 3 Axis Gimbal Camera.

NAB 2016: CAME-TV Hybrid Gimbal

(cover photo credit: snap from CAME-TV)

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  1. Curious what camera is on that gimble. The website suggests a maximum weight of 2.6 lbs for the Optimus and it is meant for mirrorless cameras. Yet is that a 6d on there?

  2. There is no question I will be upgrading to the Optimus after checking it out at PPE. Already, the Came TV Single has replaced my two handed gimbals. The Optimus just felt a tad bit smoother, loved the ability to flip it upside down, and the external batteries as well. Here is my go-to setup for when filming at weddings and events.

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