Insanely Fast and Nimble Drone Racing Comes to Filmmaking? This Opens A Whole New Perspective

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Drones are everywhere right? I don't know if you've seen the new sport of Drone Racing, but it is catching on and seems to be very exciting.

The speeds they're achieving are incredible and the ability to maneuver in incredibly tight spaces blows the mind.

So, why not combine that mobility with filmmaking? Not sure I would have thought of it, but that is exactly what Jason Lam did… and it kind of opens up shots that maybe have been very expensive to produce in CGI or other means.

Have a look at what he sent us!

Drones as we know have done wondrous for the film industry almost limitless in terms of capturing different perspectives that film makers once only dream of. Racing drones have been the new talk in town for high speed, precise flying through obstacle courses that may soon become the sport of the future.

Jason Lam founder of Aericam, recently met a drone racer on a flying field while testing on a larger foldable drone with his newly created 3 axis gimbal action camera, Idolcam. He was really impressed to see how fast and precise the racing drone can splice through the sky and almost have no limits in term where it can fly. And when they talked, Jason found out that racer pilots love to record their flight, but they have to fly very gentle to achieve video that's smooth enough to share on youtube.

Lighting bolt moment and few days later, he borrowed a racing drone from a friend and went out to see if it's possible to lift the Idolcam with a racing drone and surely enough, it lifts off with ease. And another benefit of these mini drone is they fly very stable in high wind condition despite its small size and so much speed that can capture car chase scenes with no problem. The draw back is short flight time around 5 minutes.

Now, with racing drones and a light 3 axis gimbal camera like Idolcam, filmmakers can achieve shots like flying through windows, underneath a car, through tight space and almost limitless to the camera movements that can be achieved.

Racer Drone for Film Making : flying through holes and cracks

Racing drone might be the a new main stream sport in the near future because of its high speed action and precise flying through obstacle courses.

This is a demo of racing drone and a light weight 3 axis gimbal like Idolcam can make the perfect combination for film making in high speed, tight space and precise maneuvering scenes.

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As additional info, when I asked about any behind-the-scenes, I found they didn't record anything but maybe this will help you understand a bit about their gear:

And here's a photo of the actual racing drone used in the first video and the idolcam.

idolcam on racing drone

They do have an Indigogo project which ends in just a few days, Idolcam at their Indiegogo campaign page.

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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