Flash Is Dying– Is Your Website Prepared?

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This shouldn’t come as a major surprise to you, but Flash is approaching its final days.

For years now, there’s been a large movement to rid it from the internet, but now it’s becoming serious. As Petapixel reports, Google Chrome, the only major browser that hadn’t announced plans to cancel Flash support, finally did so.

To be entirely honest, it’s definitely time for it to happen. Flash, while convenient for many is incredibly outdated and provides very few advantages. Also, have you ever opened up a Flash site on a mobile device? It is rarely a good experience.

The frustrating part about migrating to HTML5 is the difficult and pricey issue of hiring a web developer. This is something that can’t be avoided, but considering most web traffic is on mobile devices now, HTML5 is a necessary evil.

Do you still have a flash website and do you prefer Flash over HTML5? What will be the hardest part for you about making the switch?

All the Major Browsers Will Soon Block Flash, is Your Website Ready?

Via PetaPixel:

It’s happened. Safari did it in June, Firefox will do it by 2017, and now Chrome has officially announced they will do it, too: they’re blocking flash by default in favor of HTML5. If your photography website runs on Flash, it may be time for a change.

The latest company to jump on the “Flash must die” bandwagon is Google, who announced earlier this month that Chrome will begin blocking flash in favor of HTML5 starting with Chrome 53 in September. But they’re far from the first.

In June, Apple announced that the version of Safari that comes on macOS Sierra will block Flash by default. Visitors to your Flash website will be greeted by this message once they update:

Flash Is Dying 2

And just last month, Firefox—which had blocked all versions of Flash ‘temporarily’ last year because of some security vulnerabilities—vowed to block all Flash content by default by 2017. Like Chrome and Safari, Firefox will require that visitors approve Flash websites on a case-by-case basis.

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