Can Smartphones “Outsmart” DSLR Lenses? Learn How Metalenses May Help

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We love to get real geeky and talk about technology and of course we love to think about how someday, smartphones will be as good as DSLRs…

But we also know that in today's world, that's just not possible…

or is it?

Part of me doesn't want something like this to happen tho… I kinda like the DSLR form factor and the big lenses we have today – but maybe i'm just old school too.

Of course, this technology is a long way off… they're just getting started and right now, they seem to only have one color – working on focussing all colors of the spectrum is the next step.

And we still don't know about the things we all care about, things like bokeh and sharpness, but I'm sure they'll come… someday.

But it is great to see what may be looming on the horizon!

Shrinking microscope lenses

A Camera Lens Breakthrough Could See Smartphones Outperforming DSLRs

Via Gizmodo:

If you’ve ever held a high-quality camera lens, the first thing you notice is the weight. Thanks to layers and layers of thick glass hunks inside, they end up being very heavy. However, thanks to research being done at Harvard on something called metalenses, one day those giant glass-filled lenses might be obsolete.

The curved surfaces on a glass lens focus incoming light onto a camera’s digital sensor. The more precise (and expensive) the lens is, the better the image it will produce.

Metalenses work in a similar way, but they’re not made of precision-ground glass. Instead, a layer of transparent quartz is completely covered in a layer of tiny towers made from titanium dioxide. When arranged in specific patterns, those complex tower arrays can focus light exactly like a glass lens does. Except that these tiny metalenses end up being thinner than a human hair, and weigh almost nothing.

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