Blackmagic Camera Setup 4.0 Is Available and it’s Pretty Amazing

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After a camera is released, it’s not too often that you get really large updates to functionality.

Obviously, we all wish it happened far more often because cameras these days tend to have menus that are very deep and unintuitive. I shoot Sony, so I know the struggle.

Blackmagic has answered a lot of requests and probably a lot of prayers with their most recent upgrade of the BlackMagic Mini Ursa 4.6k menu system.

Blackmagic cameras have always had pretty intuitive and simple menus, but they didn’t allow for a lot of customization and didn’t offer plenty of the options that shooters were nigh desperate for. A great deal of these requests and prayers have been answered in it's new, upgraded and updated Monitor window.

Charles Haine at No Film School has written a great explanation of why it’s all so important, but I think there’s one angle of this that’s very important to note.

For years, Blackmagic spent inordinate amounts of time trying to get new technology onto the market. It’s moved at such a ridiculous pace that lots of cameras have been left in the dust with problems that should have been fixed ages ago. Indeed, when the Ursa Mini was released, it was lacking features that were promised to those that pre-ordered the camera.

For the past few years, I wished that instead of just trying to throw as many cameras on the market as possible, Blackmagic would slow down and truly embrace their current technology and customers. I know that I'm not alone with that wish. Could this be the first sign of an ease of pace?

I think there are plenty of reasons for all of us to want this to be the case. With the amount of amazing features and technology in the Ursa Mini, aren’t you excited to see what’s possible? I am.

Download Blackmagic's Camera Setup 4.0 for URSA Mini Today


Intuitive menu for controlling the LUT applied to the on-board LCD and the external SDIs Photo Credit: Blackmagic Design | Source: No Film School

Via No Film School:

The most exciting addition for me is better control over SDI monitoring LUTs. This has long been something offered by the bigger cameras, or through 3rd party LUT box solutions. Having it now available internally on the URSA Mini is a great feature, especially with such an intuitive menu system for controlling how each display feed is processed.

We've all been in a situation where we needed to monitor the same image with different looks applied. The DP needs it raw for proper exposure decisions on the on-board. The director wants to see a LUT, and framelines. The client wants the LUT, but no framelines. It's always been possible, but complicated, and this upgrade makes it exceptionally easy.

Specific upgrades include:

  • New heads up display with frame rate, iris, timecode, off-speed, shutter angle, ISO, white balance info and input
  • New menu system to allow faster operation
  • New monitoring options separately configurable for different SDI outputs
  • 3D LUT monitoring, configurable per-output, can be married to shot for post
  • Added ability to save and load camera settings presets
  • Added flicker free shutter angle suggestions.
  • Improve slate metadata, lens data incorporation including auto-fill for electronic lenses.
  • Additional ProRes and Raw relations
  • Preferred slot recording
  • Improve color accuracy for the on-board LCD
  • False Color, Zebras, Focus Assist, Frame Guides selectable per output
  • Clean feed toggle for each output
  • Can view codec and format instead of audio meters in HUD
  • Additional programs for function buttons, including frame rate, iris, white balance, ISO, shutter angle, clean feed, display LUT, frame guides
  • Drop frame timecode support
  • Import and export camera presets through CFast

Read full article at No Film School “Download Blackmagic's Camera Setup 4.0 for URSA Mini Today”

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(cover photo credit: snap from No Film School)

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