Amazing Story of $40k Photo Gear Stolen and Then Found! Olympic Photographer Spots Guy Trying To Gain Access To Event!

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I'm betting you probably already saw the story of the Olympic photographer (Brett Costello) who had $40,000 of gear stolen from right under his nose, but I'll bet you haven't seen the follow up! 

In a stunning move, two of the team of 3 that worked together to brazenly steal the photographer's $4ok in gear stupidly attempted to gain access to the Olympic Archery event with the stolen photographer's official Olympic tog's vest – but didn't have the proper credentials (D'oh!) and Brett was actually there at the same time and recognized his own vest!

If you haven't seen the story of the $40k in stolen gear and how the photographer was duped into not watching his bag, it was described on this post.

And as a follow up, I found this post where the actual security footage of the theft is found on this post… which is pretty amazing! It is crazy how fast these crooks can grab your attention and take your stuff!

Key is to watch your gear!

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And lastly, here's the video of the takedown of the thief! You can see Brett there on the right.

How stupid was the thief trying to get back into the olympics to steal more gear without the proper credentials?

At least Brett got one piece of his gear back!

Photos and text from Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo Sports

RIO DE JANEIRO – A News Corp. photographer who had an estimated $40,000 worth of gear stolen from him in an Ipanema café found one piece of that equipment on a man who illegally entered the archery venue at the Rio Olympics on Saturday.

Brett Costello was entering the Sambodromo stadium for the men’s team competition with a new Olympics-issued photo vest when he noticed something odd about a man entering behind him at the security line. He was also wearing an official photo vest, but Costello thought the number on it looked familiar – it was the vest that was taken from him in a café on Thursday.

Costello was ordering coffee in the Kraft Café when a woman approached him, seeking help. But that was a distraction: During the conversation, her accomplices grabbed his large camera bag and ran to a waiting car where they sped away.

“She was speaking to me for about 10 seconds, not long at all. I was in shock,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “No one saw a thing, I couldn’t believe it, I was later told there was a getaway car outside. They work in numbers and they’re good at what they do unfortunately. The police weren’t overly surprised, there was a camera in the cafe but I don’t think that’s going to help.”

On Friday afternoon, he confronted the man wearing his stolen vest with the help of Rio Olympic personnel and local police. When faced with the fact that the man had entered the venue’s media area without a credential – an enormous security breach, by the way – he removed the vest and gave it to a Rio 2016 venue manager.

Source: Olympic photographer finds his stolen gear on Rio venue trespasser

(cover photo credit: snap from Yahoo Sports)


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  1. That’s pretty hard to believe that all that gear came right to the door! Ha.

    Thanks for the informative and somewhat ironic story ;)

  2. The title leads to believe the $40K gear was found, which, after reading the whole article, seems not to be the case.
    I already saw the news, but thought that finally he got everything back and that’s why I clicked on the link…

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