You Can’t Swat Away These Incredibly Detailed Photographs of Insects! You’ve Got To See These!

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Be prepared to be astounded… well, maybe some of you may want to turn away if you're squeamish about bugs LOL 

Finding beauty in the small and unusual is not something most of us think about. We're usually too busy thinking about what we can post on Facebook or instagram these days. But Levon Biss has taken us into the depths of the tiny world of insects and the techniques and the amount of time he's spent on imaging these astounding images shows some crazy passion.

Something we also don't usually consider is to make images so detailed and mixed from 8,000 to 10,000 images! The patience is inspiring.

It is also very unusual for us to think about lighting an individual about 30 different ways – highlighting every single section of the insect in its own unique way. I often look at photographs and try to imagine how they were lit so I might learn something and improve my lighting… but these are just masterpieces and I don't find it at all disturbing that the light comes from multiple directions tho I thought I would.

You can see his images and zoom in on them to see the detail yourself at [bctt tweet=”These macro photos of insects will take your breath away! Come see them!”]

One question looms… how'd he get rid of the hole made by the pin? Photoshop for the win.


Macro Photographs Composed of Nearly Ten Thousand Images Show the Incredible Detail of Insect Specimens

Via Colossal:

Commercial photographer Levon Biss typically shoots portraits of world-class athletes—sports players caught in motion. His new series however, catches subjects that have already been paused, insect specimens found at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. The series originally started as a side-project capturing the detail of bugs that his son would catch at home, and is now displayed at the museum in an exhibition titled Microsculpture.

Macro Photographs 2

Photo Credit: Levon Biss


Macro Photographs 1

Photo Credit: Levon Biss

During the course of his selection from the museum’s collection Biss rejected more than 99% of the bugs he came across, only choosing those that were of the right size and color. To capture these subjects in such immense detail, each part of the insect required a completely different lighting setup.

“I will photograph an antenna and light that antenna so it looks as best as it possibly can,” said Biss. “Once I move onto the next section, for example the eye, the lighting will change completely. I work my way across the whole body of the insect until I end up with 30 different sections, each photographed individually.”

Read full article at Colossal “Macro Photographs Composed of Nearly Ten Thousand Images Show the Incredible Detail of Insect Specimens”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Colossal)


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