Vegascapes: Las Vegas Lights Up in this 4K Timelapse Masterpiece from Dustin Farrell

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An awesome little timelapse from my friend Dustin Farrell

If you remember, he did a couple of posts for us a while ago about timelapse:

Now, Vegas isn't one of my most favorite places (maybe i'm just jaded because the only time I go is for NAB LOL), but the way Dustin filmed it, it seems quite appealing and I love the way he timed it with the music.

And on Facebook, Dustin pointed out that Vimeo's 4k presentation is now very awesome. The video on my 5k iMac is just astounding with its clarity.

What's your favorite thing about Vegas?

Vegascapes: A Las Vegas 4K Timelapse Trip (UHD)

For Las Vegas 4K stock footage license inquiries [email protected]

Song: “Your Embrace” by Nurko

Snaps from Video

Vegascapes Timelapse 4

Vegascapes Timelapse 3

Las Vegas 4K Timelapse 2

Vegascapes Timelapse 1

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


  1. Beautiful photography, but no “story” — no progression.

  2. @William Sommerwerck> what kind of story are you actually expecting from a time lapse video? And what do you mean by progression? The vibe of the city, the mood comes through perfectly.

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