The Panasonic GH5 Will Not Have A Super 35 Sensor, But It Doesn’t Need One To Be Great

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The Panasonic GH5 is one of the more eagerly anticipated cameras of 2016—and it should be. The Panasonic GH4 changed the game for a large group of shooters looking for high resolution options at a reasonable price. Not only that, but Panasonic’s V-Log upgrade showed their customers that they had their ears and eyes open to what modern shooters desire.

While there is endless speculation about what could be included in the body, one thing is for sure. You’re still going to be shooting with a Micro Four-Thirds sensor. In a recent interview, a representative from Panasonic said that the GH5 will definitely not be utilizing a Super35 APS-C Sensor. What does this mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean a WHOLE lot, but it hints towards one big thing that GH4 shooters are sure to be wondering about. The GH5 will have to find enhanced low-light performance in other ways. It also seems to mean that the processing inside of the GH5 will be updated. It would have to be, wouldn't it?

The question is then: What needs to be updated in the Lumix GH5?

From my perspective, the GH4 doesn’t have a lack of resolution. I worry that if Panasonic implements a 6k shooting mode in camera, they’re going to consider the majority of their work done instead of giving shooters what they really need.

Shooters like options. Panasonic addressed this with the V-Log upgrade. What they need to do is introduce an in-camera system that gives the operator the ability to adjust their picture settings in more detail. Introduce a better Custom Button system and you’re taking a good step forward.

Panasonic GH5 faked image borrowed from

Panasonic GH5 faked image borrowed from

Again, shooters like options. What happens after you take the camera off the Tripod, Glidecam, Gimbal or Slider? The upgraded processing I referred to earlier could result in more solid recording abilities. This could translate into less rolling shutter, which would again, be a great, great step forward. If they're feeling really generous, this could also include some in-camera sensor stabilization. That would get a lot of people excited.

Probably the most important upgrade, in my mind would be a more sturdy way of recording and monitoring audio. The GH4 was advertised with the clunky DMW-YAGH system which turned it into an off-balance monster (okay, not really a monster, but you get my drift). If they can find a better way to record audio in camera, they’re going to put themselves ahead of many competitors.

The point I’m trying to make is that the GH4 was a fantastic camera, and the GH5 will be as well. But what will take it to the next level is focusing on the less sexy aspects of shooting video. If Panasonic takes into account not only what shooters want, but what they actually need, they’ll be sending a clear message to competitors and attaching a permanent foothold among the big industry names.

What else would you like to see in the GH5?

The Panasonic GH5 Will Not Feature a Super35/APS-C Sensor

Via 4k Shooters:

The Panasonic GH4 is arguable one of the most popular cameras for low budget filmmakers and video content creators. Even though the camera is now two years old, the addition of significant features such as V-Log and Anamorphic shooting modes made the camera even more desirable. Not to mention that the price tag of the GH4 is now around $1298 making it one of the most affordable and capable video machines for shooters on a budget.

A lot of us were expecting to hear some sort of an update around the GH line at NAB 2016, but this was a long shot at best, given the fact that NAB is after all a broadcast show for big cameras and smaller cameras like the predominantly stills oriented GH4 don’t often get the spotlight at a show like NAB.

Sadly, however in a recent interview with Hybrid Camera Revolution, Matt Frazer from Panasonic confirmed that the GH4 successor will not feature “anything else but a Micro Four Thirds sensor” around the 5:42 mark in the video below.

Panasonic GH “Next” will NOT have a Super 35 sensor – NAB 2016

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  1. If they were to make it an APS-C we’d then ask for full frame. I find it a little silly to expect anything but a MFT sensor on a MFT camera, and before anyone talks about the JVC don’t forget it isn’t a MFT camera.

    I do appreciate why people would want this, but why just buy a Super35/APS-C camera? I personally am all in MFT with a set of Voigtlanders and couldn’t be happier.

    Buying those set of lenses is possibly the best move I’ve ever made as it made me less likely to want to jump on the next new thing.

  2. Rumors that Panasonic would leave Micro Four-Thirds were ridiculous. That would be an entirely different camera with an entirely different lens system, a complete break, not something they could name a GH5.

    The big news with GH5 will all revolve around the storage subsystem and data rates. That is the bottleneck that defines the camera.

    What would help me? Cutting out the Japanese consumer electronics design compulsion to put everything except the kitchen sink in a camera. These guys need to take a clue from more professional equipment and minimize the points of failure in these cameras by simplifying choices from an operational standpoint.

    What I would like to see is an iOS via WiFi interface to the GH5 so that the camera could be setup in a logical order of question / response steps, then the configuration transferred to the camera in a way that locks the camera down and minimizes intrusive camera crap from intruding into shoots. And also something that allows individual operators to restore their preferred configuration to a camera in under a minute. So letting someone else use our camera does not make us crazy, and also facilitating rentals.

    There is too much voodoo in the GH4 picture profiles, too many rumors and advocacy of this or that. These cameras need a simple software interface for 1) systematically configuring the cameras properly, and 2) Applying saved configurations to the camera near instantly under production pressure. What I don’t want to see is a Japanese design orgy applied to the bigger screen of an iPhone or iPad, throwing everything on screen all at once. There needs to be a decision tree, one step at a time in a logical manner. I want the best the camera can produce, not a million choices on downgraded resolutions and such.

  3. “I worry that if Panasonic implements a 6k shooting mode in camera, they’re going to consider the majority of their work done instead of giving shooters what they really need.”
    Please speak for yourself when you make such comments! I for instance won’t be interested in GH5 without a minimum of 6K recording resolution. And no, GH4 is not that sharp (detailed) in 4K compared to the newer Sony cameras and FujiXT2, on the contrary.
    I have very high hopes and expectations from GH5. If they are clever and deliver them, I’ll invest in several cameras, if not….well, the Fuji XT2 looks very promising!

    1. the commentor Did “Speak for” himself! “I worry that…” means he’s speaking for himself. Not for you or anyone but himself.

  4. My wishlist

    * Better low-light performance
    * The 20Mpx sensor from the GX8, which has better dynamic range. Even better if they remove the AA filter
    * IBIS from the GX85 because it can be used in video
    * Use the whole sensor rather than the centre for 4k video. This would give us a wider angle for filming, but may increase moire
    * 4:2:2 internal

  5. I wish a Gh5s, with a 10/12 mpix sensor a a better low light response and a 4k video without line skipping or so. A small camera to use in candid low light would be splendid. Also: 4k 4.2.2 raw.
    No aps or full frame, I dont want to loose my lenses, when a need that I take the sony.

  6. GH5 should have:
    – Good or even great internal stabilization – something like “SteadXP” hardware/software stabilizer delivers would be great and game changing solution
    – less rolling shutter
    – ability to shut on external drive
    – not only vlog, but RAW recording internally or onto external SSD hard drive.
    – ability to set compression ratio
    – internal follow focus solution for AF suppoorting lenses – shuters shuld be able to program focus pints/marks in time and use them while recording
    – ability to use LUT’s internally to view material while recording, and ablility to set different LUT’s or no LUT for touchscreen, viewfinder and external hdmi output
    – improved continous focus
    – 6K with 96 fps with that format!!! or at least 96fps or higher rates in 4K mode
    – improved low light copabilities!!!
    – internal ND filter
    – bigger touch screen for whole back side, U can make buttons on left ora right or top of the GH5
    – ablility to set output blanking or other solution (can be overlay PNG or video with black bars ) to view in other aspect ratio (anamorphic emulation) while recording in 16:9.
    – 2 or 3 stops in dynamic range would be awesome

  7. 6K would be welcomed for sure as I have been pulling stills on the GH4 and selling printed albums from the footage at weddings and events… All I see it needing is a two stop bump in ISO, remove the anti-aliasing filter to make it sharper, 4K at 60p, and add the same 5 Axis Stabilization that is in the GX85. If it has just that alone it would be superior. Super 35 and Full Frame are overrated IMO, and I prefer the smaller M43 lenses, etc…

    I’ve been shooting the GX85 handheld with stunning results with both Canon Primes and Lumix glass, and the results are remarkable. If I were on a Canon I would need a shoulder rig to get footage like I get handheld on the GX85. If this little gem is any clue to what’s ahead count me in.

  8. YOU’RE ALL RIDICULOUS, A super 35 sensor in the GH line is what EVERYONE WHO USES OR USED THE GH4 WANTED!!!! Literally the shallower depth of field, the smaller and more plentiful photosites on the bigger sensor. The robust line of lenses from tons of manufacturers that will fit. In the video matt frazier said ‘would you be comfortable getting rid of all your glass’ YESSSSSS. To have a 35mm or super 35mm sensor yes I would. I dont even own MFT glass because it’s so shitty compared to Full frame lenses and APS-C lenses for proper video work. I CANNOT use the GH4 without a speedbooster because it literally doesn’t make sense to because of the small sensor. Too much noise, too much cropping etc. 90% of the GH4 shooters I know use a speedbooster… what does that tell you about sensor size lol. IT MEANS THE MAJORITY OF GH SHOOTERS WANT A BIGGER SENSOR. Check out my video and let me know what you guys think. IFFFFF, they can have low light performance as good as a super 35 sensor, and somehow could get shallower DOF with a MFT sensor then i’d be all about MFT sensor. But for anything other than a hobbyist who doesn’t really give a shit, MFT is just too damn small of a sensor for REAL work. And by real i mean production level quality in terms of television and film/cinema. Don’t get me wrong I LOVEEEEEEEEE my GH4 even more so than my A6300 or even my FS7, but seriously it has A LOT of shortcomings that could’ve been fixed with a bigger sensor. IF Panasonic can somehow come up with a way to negate that opinion, with a MFT sensor, then I’ll shut up. 10bit 4:2:2 and IBIS would be equally as nice, but still nothing would beat a super 35mm sensor. Now, if they came out with Super35 or FF cameras in the Panasonic family THEN I would be SUPER happy and would almost immediately jump over to those beacuse i’d love to stick with the Panasonic Family vs some of their competition. But until Panasonic wake up and smell the coffee I won’t hold my breath. Really, the YAG?! That thing was HORRIBLE!!! Screw dumb contraptions like the YAG, just give us the much needed tools we are asking for Panasonic. (PS False color, Vectorscope, and waveform in camera would be great too). Thanks mitch for the blog post:

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  10. Many people who prefer m43 format prefer it for its smaller lenses and lower carrying weight. Many people also like that you can lower your aperture all the way down to f1.0 or lower but still have a field of focus that isn’t razor thin (less chance to miss critical focus). You may not like m43 vs full frame, but that doesn’t mean m43 doesn’t work better for different things or people. If you prefer full frame, there are many great options. One of those options might be better for you preferences.

  11. I prefer the sensor size of this tool because it still allows you to achieve deep focus when you need it. Throw on a speedbooster and you have your shallow dof and low light. I’d really like built in false color, a better histogram that displays individual channel clipping and a better viewfinder. Just look at magic lantern, give us the tools on that (histogram, clipping, waveform all on screen at once).

  12. I’m sure the majority of people commenting on this forum use the GH4 a minimum of 30 hours a week, every week, in mixed shooting conditions that are less than “ideal”, yet have to deliver a professional product over and over again… right?
    I only ask because, while hunting through these posts to see if my YAGH module will work with a GH5, I too get sucked into the lore of speculation and here-say.
    My 2 GH4’s have been through studio, doc run&gun, salt water and sand, worked in blaring Miami sunlight, and the darkest New Hampshire evenings for major clients that didn’t care about anything other than what they signed-off on in (convoluted) conference rooms.
    I’ve read some very informed suggestions about what the GH5 should have, and I’m also shaking my head at peeps blinded by the _K numbers game. 1920K isn’t good enough, 4K isn’t good enough. 6K won’t be good enough… nor will 8K…
    Frankly, I’d be pissed if the GH5 came with 6K. There’s a BIG opportunity to improve the QUALITY of the current 4K/1080 video file that far outweighs ANY need to boost resolution. 100mb files sizes don’t leave a lot of room for data at 24p, let alone 96fps. At the end of the day, HOW the camera interprets motion capture is just as, if not MORE important than the resolution numbers game. Hollywood features are generally shot in (albeit, Arri Raw) 2.8K.
    The 4/3 sensor is specifically what makes the GH4 so small and manageable and is INHERENT to the GH lineage. Would I complain if it came with a super35? No. All of my lenses are full frame, but I’d be confused, as it would defy everything about its brand positioning and alienate a HUGE fanbase dedicated to m4/3 workflow.
    For me, Speedboosters are simply part of the cameras. I compose and make lens choices based on a s35 standard and only pop them off in place of a dumb adapter if I need greater reach from a lens.

    I’d love the following GH5 wish list features in order of importance (it’s a wish list because some of these are pipe dreams):
    – Global shutter
    – More robust processing engine
    – Greater video file size (in general, but specifically for vfr)
    – Raw & Prores 10 bit 422
    – Cleaner 800-3200 ISO
    – Weather-sealed YAGH
    – Just get rid of ALL hdmi… everywhere…

    I’d ask for a bit higher vfr, but understand that’s completely dependent on the (already overworked) processing engine.

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