The Canon C300 Mark II and C100 Mark II Take Much Needed Price Cut

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It’s well documented at this point. Canon has been a bit out of touch with the market. This is unfortunate for a variety of reasons, but most of all because they produce some of the best gear on the market in terms of pure build quality.

When the specifications of the C300 Mark II were leaked/released I was really impressed with what Canon managed to fit into that body. So much so in fact that I was really excited to see the images that came out of the camera. What sort of dampened my enthusiasm was the eventual price point that Canon decided to release at.


That really pushed it into a range in which people could buy two Sony FS7's, three URSA Mini's and eventually a fully decked out RED Raven. In short, it put a lot of people in a tough predicament. Do I move away from Canon?

Well, they’ve gone a long way to easing the minds of shooters out there with the price drop of the C300 Mark II. They’ve cut the price $4,000 down to $11,999, which puts it well within the range of the other bodies in the range. And they didn’t just stop there.

They cut the price of the C100 Mark II by $1,500. This really helps the C100 Mark II become a more legitimate option at it’s price point. $3,999 is still a tough argument to make for the camera, which is limited to 1080p, but for those Canon purists, it might be all that you need to stick with the Japanese Brand.

I think we’re all happy to see Canon start aggressively competing again.

$4000 Canon C300 Mark II Price Drop, $1,500 off C100 Mark II

Via cinema5D:

The competition never sleeps. Canon seems to have realized this well-known business fact as the Japanese company just has dropped the prices of their Mark II lineup of EOS cinema cameras, namely the C300 Mark II and the C100 Mark II.

A $4,000 price drop for C300 Mark II

When it was introduced the Canon C300 Mark II was a whooping $15,999 camera body. It has its strengths and certainly the camera has its weaknesses, but in the end it was (and is) a remarkable piece of technology and a well-thought-out evolution to the original C300. Check out our coverage on this camera here (review), here (pros & cons) and here (lab test). Thing is, most users including myself found the camera way too expensive to buy.


As of today, you can get the camera body for a significantly smaller amount of cash as it is listed for $11,999 at B&H. For our European readers it’s also available at CVP for €9,525.09. That’s $4,000 less than the original price. I have a strong feeling that Canon is trying to get in the realm of a RED Raven and a Sony FS7 with this price drop. And it may be that the company is even peering in direction of the Sony FS5 and the Blackmagic URSA mini, which is why the C100 Mark II got the price drop treatment too.

And a $1,500 price drop for C100 Mark II

The C100 Mark II is quite a good camera (make sure to check out Johnnie’s review) but it lacks some advanced features and definitely shows some weaknesses when it comes to bit depth and choice of codecs. Anyway, it’s a better deal as of today if you want to keep the price down. For $3,999 (body only) it could be yours and that’s quite a deal, I think.


EDIT: As some of our readers have mentioned in the comments, the price for a C100 Mark II already has been reduced some time ago. Just to be sure, please note: the $1,500 price drop only applies to the original $5,499 (suggested retail price).

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  1. Still not enough drop in price on the 300. They need to get down to the Sony price , but that will never happen. So more people will buy or switch to Sony. I’m all Canon for now with the C100, but will never spend that much on the 300 when I can get the FS7 for a cheaper price. Wake up Canon!

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