How Does The Groundbreaking Canon EOS-1D X Mark II’s Sensor Stack Up Against The Rest Of The Canon Line?

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It’s 2016, and that means that the competition for the best in-camera hardware is as hot as ever. Manufacturers like Canon, Nikon and Sony are all orbiting similar specifications in hopes to be at the top of the pack of performance.

Historically, Canon's EOS-1D X was the go-to body for a wide variety of sports and nature photographers, as well as many other types of professional shooters. Now, with the second iteration of the EOS-1D X hitting markets, we’ve been eager to see how it stacks up, not only with the competition, but with Canon’s previous contributions to the market.

Based on the test results published by, it’s looking like the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is a sizable step forward for anyone sticking to the Canon line of products. With a score of 88, the EOS-1D X CMOS sensor leads the pack of Canon bodies.

But what does a score of 88 really mean?

Well, uses a combination of numbers based on technical specifications to arrive at their ratings. In this case, it’s based on the Color Depth, Dynamic Range and Low-Light ISO performance of the sensor.

While the numbers indicate that the EOS-1D X Mark II falls before the Canon 5DS in color depth, it makes up for it with a huge jump forward in Dynamic Range, and Low-Light ISO Performance. This makes sense, as these are the specs that have sold EOS-1D X bodies in the past and those same specs will continue to sell EOS-1D X Mark II bodies in future.

It’s not all about resolution, and Canon knows that better than anyone. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II was clearly designed to be worth the $6,000 price tag. What do you think?

DxOMark Gives the 1D X Mark II the Highest Score Ever for a Canon DSLR Sensor

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Via No Film School:

According to DxOMark, the 1D X Mark II sensor also performs well compared to some of the most sought-after DSLRs today, including the Nikon D5 and the Sony A7 II, which have garnered much praise for their low-light performance, dynamic range, and color profiles:

The 1D X Mark II might be the highest-rated in the maker's range according to DxOMark, and it might have some desirable features for indie filmmakers; however, you have to keep in mind that a lot depends on image quality apart from a good sensor, including framing, lenses, and most importantly, lighting.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II sensor review: New class leader

Via DxOMark:

Canon’s newly-developed sensor achieved an overall DxOMark score of 88 points, making it the best-performing sensor in the company’s range. Some small gains were made in both low ISO and high ISO color noise levels, but more significant is the widening of the dynamic range from base (ISO100) to ISO3200. The 13.5 EV dynamic range at base is the best in the maker’s range.

DxOMark's ratings

Comparison 1: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II vs. Canon EOS-1D X vs. Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III: Expanded low ISO DR

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II vs. Canon EOS-1D X

Against its predecessor the Canon EOS-1Dx and the earlier EOS-1Ds Mark III, the new model’s sensor shows some slight improvement in color sensitivity and SNR at different ISO settings, and a significant improvement in dynamic range.

Read full Review and Comparison at DxOMark “Canon EOS-1D X Mark II sensor review: New class leader”

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