How Being Lazy on Set Can Cost You Millions!

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Now this is an intriguing story – one that has only recently surfaced because someone was chit-chatting at a party – it has to do with not being careful on set and paying attention to continuity. 

And it probably was several people who just didn't have their thinking caps on – though realistically because it was probably a span of many days where these scenes were being shot and they probably weren’t in sequence anyway.

But here's the story from Charlie Lyne… as first told on Vulture

Genuine leather is always a pricey good, but Daniel Craig allegedly bought a pair of leather gloves that almost cost the Skyfall production millions of dollars. Take the following with the necessary dose of salt, but journalist and filmmaker Charlie Lyne took to Twitter to share a slap-to-the-forehead that he says he learned from someone who worked on Skyfall. Supposedly, while making the movie, Craig bought a lovely pair of leather gloves and asked director Sam Mendes if he might wear them in a casino-set scene. Trying (and failing) to pick his battles wisely, Mendes allowed it. At this point, the recesses of your mind might be failing to recollect James Bond wearing leather gloves in a casino scene in Skyfall. That's because, according to Lyne, when editing came 'round, a rather glaring plot hole appeared. In Skyfall, there's a bit where a goon gets Bond's gun but is foiled when he realizes it has a fingerprint scanner — so, assuming Bond wasn't planning on losing his piece, how did he plan to shoot it while wearing gloves? Per Lyne, the producers determined that fixing the mistake via re-shoot would cost millions of dollars. The solution? Digitally paint Daniel Craig-color over Craig's gloved hands and hope no one notices the bloat. And that, my friends, is how the sausage is made. Listen to Lyne's telling below.

Note you can see the impact in the videos below (and Charlie split the video over 2 bits because of twitter limitations).

But I'll also note this story where the story is debunked… so what's the truth? Did it really happen? Did the story get twisted and inflated over time?

And are you very careful in your planning to make sure something like this doesn't happen?

Source: Daniel Craig Maybe Almost Bankrupted Skyfall — Vulture

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