Here’s What 2016 Is Going To Look Like For Canon– And It’s Pretty Exciting

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2016 is a huge year for Canon. Not only are they announcing their eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Canon 5D Mark III, they’re releasing a new camera into their cinema line, a whole range of new lenses and probably a few things we have no idea about. This is all important, not only because it’s great to see new gear, but because in some aspects, Canon’s become somewhat of an underdog.

It’s very strange for me to imagine that being the case, but it’s hard to deny it. They’ve gone from being the undisputed king of DSLR video quality to being criticized for their lack of innovation. And it happened very quickly.

It feels like only a few years ago, I was incredibly excited about the look that the Canon T2i brought to my short films. Going from shooting with a camcorder style, fixed lens body to a T2i felt like a jump into the stratosphere. It was so exciting imagining all the things that I could do.

Canon Rumors has compiled a list, a roadmap of sorts, about what 2016 is going to look like for the camera company. A few things on the docket look pretty exciting. None more than the 5D Mark IV.

At this point, there’s so much speculation and excitement regarding the body that Canon is going to have to really deliver to meet or exceed expectations.

For so many shooters that have been waiting to really jump onto the Sony or Lumix GH4 train or are still shooting around 1080, the Canon 5D Mark IV represents a big opportunity for Canon. The 5D Mark IV is an opportunity to bring some enthusiasm back to the brand, to get people excited about the possibilities of shooting with that new Canon body again.

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For a company that has been somewhat lacking in exciting innovation, Canon is poised to use that underdog status and wow us all.

Updated Canon 2016 Roadmap

Updated Canon 2016 Roadmap

Via Canon Rumors:

There has been a lot of new information come out in the last few months about what we can expect from Canon in 2016. I’m just going to give a round-up of what to expect for the folks that missed some things, or are new here (yes, we do get new readers).

EOS DSLR Bodies for 2016:

No other DSLRs are expected from Canon in 2016. We expect the announcement in August, with delivery coming soon after Photokina.

EF Lenses for 2016:

We expect to see this lens announced some time this month. It looks like the announcement has been moved closer to Photokina.

  • Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS II USM (confirmed)

We expect to see this announced before Photokina in September.

  • Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS II USM (confirmed)

We expect to see this announced alongside the EOS 5D Mark IV in August.

EOS M Bodies for 2016:

  • A “prosumer” EOS M body (confirmed)

We think we’ll get a new APS-C “prosumer” EOS M body some time before the end of 2016.

Read full article at Canon Rumors “Updated Canon 2016 Roadmap”

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Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy

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  1. After shooting with a good 4K mirrorless camera, there is no turning back to the awkward DSLR video experience!

    1. Ok, I’ll bite… what exactly is so different about mirrorless vs DSLR?

      1. Hi Mitch,

        Where should I start?
        First of all and the biggest difference for me is the ability to start recording right after you open the camera (or recover it from sleep), there is no need to flip the mirror up and enter live view first, than start shooting.
        The EVF, I don’t know how did I managed so meany years without it, it’s simply a life saver in sunny days etc!
        A tilting touch screen screen, after you experience it, it’s very hard to comprehend a return back.

        I’m sure the new 5D mk4 will be a good camera and will make a lot of Canon user happy but I personally couldn’t been happier after I’ve ditched the 5D2’s for a couple of GH4. 🙂

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