Have You Used Music In A Video Before? You Should Watch This

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If you’re a professional video producer, you’re going to encounter music rights questions at some time in your career. This is because music rights are fairly complicated.

In the internet age, when you have access to high quality files of virtually any artist, lots of people believe that they’re allowed to use music that they do not have access to.

This video from Audio Network will make it all seem a bit simpler.

While most of us will never have the clout or cash to use a popular top 40 song in our videos, it’s very important to know this stuff. Knowing for sure that you’re covered legally provides great peace of mind.

Finding yourself in the middle of a legal battle is an absolute worst case scenario for any small business owner. Instead of that, make sure you're covered from the beginning. Watch this video. Be educated.

Music rights for video explained

Via No Film School:

Overview of types of music rights

Note that obtaining each of these types of rights requires their own separate licensing agreements.

1. Sync rights: cover the composition and lyrics of a piece of music

2. Master/dubbing rights: cover the actual recorded piece of music; usually held by the record label

3. Mechanical rights: if you plan to duplicate your production (i.e. on DVD) and secured through a rights society or directly with the publisher

4. Performance rights: need to be cleared if your production will broadcast on TV or be posted online; usually, the TV channel or website is responsible

Read full article at No Film School “Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Music Rights”

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