Hasselblad And DJI — A Match Made In Drone Heaven

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We’ve known about DJI and Hasselblad joining together for a while now. Last fall, they decided that they could make a camera and drone system together that would be better than what they could do separately.

While we’re still waiting to see images from the collaboration, it’s exciting to see the initial results of that work. They’ve released images of Hasselblad’s A5D mounted to DJI’s MATRICE 600 professional drone. And it looks pretty cool.

It’s pretty easy to understate the enthusiasm that people feel for drone photography nowadays, but everyone’s always wanting one thing, whether they’re saying it or not. They really want a better image, and interchangeable lens systems.

This is where the DJI/Hasselblad combo could change everything. While they’re still lacking video, this collaboration is the first step to getting a better image out of drone video and photo everywhere.

DJI/Hasselblad Partnership Takes Medium Format Into the Sky

Via No Film School:

Today, the partnership released its first bundle: a combination of the aerial-focused Hasselblad A5D with a DJI MATRICE 600 pro drone. Frustratingly, the A5D is currently a stills-only camera, a setup which is becoming increasingly rare. Thus, while today's announcement doesn’t have an immediate impact on filmmaking (outside of some VFX plate work and perhaps detailed scouting), the first hybrid Hasselblad/DJI product is still great news for filmmakers in that it shows us some hints at what we’re likely to be seeing from the partnership soon.

hasselblad a5d

While drone videography has taken off in the last few years, there have been a few limitations that have prevented it from integrating as fully as possible with current production workflows. With non-narrative television or events, cutting in between camera formats is par for the course, but narrative filmmakers have traditionally placed more focus on consistent image quality throughout the production, which has often come into conflict with drone use.

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