Francis Ford Coppola’s Artistic Collaboration Site Just Got A Little Bit Better

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Francis Ford Coppola has always been one of my favorite directors and filmmakers, and it’s not just because of his work behind the camera.

Going back to his foundation of American Zoetrope in the late 60’s and early 70’s, he’s been dedicated to creating great art and fostering an environment conducive to creativity amongst all art forms. His website, was just an extension of that idealistic vision of collaboration when he created it in 1997. And he’s just made it a bit better.

In an effort to continue to bring in new artists and writers to the conversations and collaborations happening on the site, he’s introduced a new short film section. This new area, “is intended to allow screenwriters, producers and directors to give and receive feedback from peers.” As a way to further get creatives involved, contributors are obligated to review 5 other works.

I love seeing Coppola's vision still rolling, decades after it's inception. It’s important for the future of collaboration that we use resources like the internet to draw us all closer to each other.

Francis Ford Coppola Relaunches With a Short-Film Section

Francis Ford Coppola

Via IndieWire:

Francis Ford Coppola, noted vintner and Academy Award–winning filmmaker, today announced the relaunch of his website. Newly redesigned with a new section devoted to short films, the “virtual studio for the writing community” aims to be a hub for aspiring artists across several different fields. first came about in 1997 as both a network for creatives and a source of material for Coppola’s literary magazine Zoetrope: All-Story. In a statement, Coppola said that the aim of the relaunched site is to “let everyone have access to a movie studio or set a new context of creative community for people interested in cinema, music, acting, art, graphics, photography, songwriting, and so on.”

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Bret Hoy

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