Just How Hard Was It Doing Green Screen (in Blue) Back In The 80’s? HARD!

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I found this the other day and found it fascinating… maybe it is because I'm older and grew up on these movies. It is a stark reminder of how good we have it today.

But it is also sometimes important to know where we came from. One of my most loved (and hated) professors taught me that if you know how things work on the inside, then you can make anything work as well as understanding how to make them work differently. I often wonder what he'd think of today's world (school was 40 years ago for me) because he taught me another thing that sticks with me today – If you know where to look things up, that's 2/3 of the battle (he always gave open book tests). I'll bet he'd be a master googler today.

Anyway, I find this fascinating and hope you enjoy.

Blue Screen 1980

Via Vimeo:

(BETA VERSION) This video is more tribute than tutorial. You can't find out much about this obsolete process on the net, so I wanted to add to the information available through my own hands on experience. These were the good old days for sure! Hope you enjoy and learn some new things from this video!

7/19 – CORRECTION – I have mistakenly awarded an Oscar to Petro Vlahos for “The Thief of Baghdad” – that award went to Lawrence Butler in 1941. Vlahos modified and improved Butler's process on “Ben Hur” and in 1965 won an Academy Award of Merit for his color difference matting system. This will be corrected in the final version of “Blue Screen 1980” – my apologies.

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