Adorama’s Free Cinema Camera Class Teaches You How The Pros Set Up Their Cameras

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When I was first starting trying to break into doing more professional commercial videography, not just shooting weddings or events, there was a lot that I had to learn—and I had to do it basically all by myself.

When you’re trying to meet the people that will give you work, having a strong, fluent knowledge of professional camera systems is key. Even if you haven’t shot with the cameras yet, knowing their strengths, weaknesses and even the basic button and menu layouts are VITAL. Luckily, there are a lot of online resources for this type of thing. There are even websites that allow you to test-drive camera’s menu systems from your browser. You must take advantage of these things.

The second level of this is figuring out how the external tech relates to your camera. Monitors, recorders, batteries and lenses are all just as important as knowing the guts of the camera. While most of this knowledge comes from experience, Adorama has made a video explaining the ins and outs of setting up a professional cinema camera.

Some of this info might be a bit monotonous and not seem useful, but having a well-rounded and extensive knowledge of set ups like this will serve you well and just might end up getting you work. Being prepared to jump into any situation and perform is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn and Adorama has made getting there a bit easier.

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Learn the Basics of How to Set Up, Rig, and Use the Camera Gear Pros Use

Via No Film School:

Adorama's “Free Film School: The Camera for Cinema” event has ended, but fortunately, anyone who wants to learn about the gear and techniques instructors Dave Brusca and Fernando Martinez discussed can now check out the entire lesson online. The video covers professional tools, camera movement, and a host of other things that can help raise the production value of your project. The video is about an hour and a half long, so grab a snack, a notepad, and get cozy.

Read this article at No Film School “Learn the Basics of How to Set Up, Rig, and Use the Camera Gear Pros Use”

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