A Love Letter To The Distributors That Are Saving Independent Film

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It’s truly incredible to me that “Room,” “The Witch,” “Ex Machina,” “Swiss Army Man,” “Under The Skin” and “The Lobster” were all sent out to theatrical release by one amazing company.

A24 has basically changed the indie film game in the past decade and it certainly feels like they’re just getting started. What makes their argument so strong is that for a company that deals exclusively in indie’s, they’re remarkably consistent at the box office.

They’ve managed to hit virtually every single genre over a very short period of time with solid fresh material. Probably the most important thing to me is that their films always leave the audience with something. Even if you haven’t been a fan of some of their content, you’re different for having viewed it.

Films like “The Witch,” “Under The Skin” and “Swiss Army Man” have left audiences both shocked and sometimes confused, but never leave your brain empty. We have a lot to thank them for.

Will Thede, a student at NYU took that love for A24 and put together a tribute video showing the huge range of films and styles that encompass the A24 library.

If A24 isn’t your favorite film distributor, who is?

The Films of A24

Watch: A Love Letter to A24, the Cutting-Edge Studio of Our Time

Via No Film School:

A24 has proven to be a knight in shining armor. The most innovative production studio and distribution company of our time, A24 is trying to reverse the tides (read: millennials don't like indies) and get audiences excited about creative risk-taking once again. How? By giving them a dose of just that.

The company's signature is its ingenious and cost-effective viral marketing campaigns. At SXSW in 2015, A24 created a Tinder profile for Ex Machina's Ava and, more recently, sent provocative texts and organized a wild bus ride to promote the Daniels' Swiss Army Man.

Read full article at No Film School “Watch: A Love Letter to A24, the Cutting-Edge Studio of Our Time”

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