4k Video From a Canon EOS 5D Mark III? Yes! See How!

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It seems to be Magic Lantern week! Two articles in one week about Magic Lantern – and some people say shooting with DSLRs is dead LOL!

After seeing our earlier post about Magic Lantern, Jim Knowlton contacted me about his use of Magic Lantern to create 4k video from his Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I thought… “what? 4k from a 5D3?”

And then I watched his beautiful short and knew y'all would like to know more.

And frankly, all those Brittle Star legs are a bit creepy aren't they? Ha!

But heck, the 4k video looks pretty amazing doesn't it? And it came from a Canon EOS 5D Mark III!

Brittle Star Gardens and Urchin Barrens – 5D Mark III 4K video

Creating Ultra HD (4K) video from RAW video shot with Magic Lantern

Via Jim Knowlton's Blue Ocean Blog:

I recently created some Ultra HD video from RAW video I shot using Magic Lantern software on my Canon 5D Mark III camera. The video I created is 3641 x 2048 and has more detail than the RAW 1920 x 1080 video. To complete this test project I upres’d the dng files from 1080 to 2048 in Photoshop RAW. This blog post will explain how I did my work.

To shoot RAW video on my Canon 5D Mark III, I use a super fast Transend CompactFlash 1000x 64GB memory card. This write speed of this card allows my camera to record the high data rate needed to record RAW video. I set my Magic Lantern settings to create 1920×1080 video, which is the largest size my camera and this card will allow me to record. If I record my RAW video to an external recorder, or if I can find a faster card – Magic Lantern software may allow me to record larger than 1920×1080 RAW – but I have not tested whether or not this will work.

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Each RAW shot is recorded on my card as a file that ends in .RAW. I use software called raw2dng to convert my RAW file into a folder of digital negative files. Each dng file is one frame of the video I shot and all of the dng files in the folder will be used to create a movie sequence. I drop each RAW file on the raw2dng software and it creates folders with dng files.

To open my dng files and to upconvert them to 3641×2048 – I followed a tutorial by RedDeerCityTV that I found on YouTube. The video explains how to set up Adobe Photoshop CC to use Scripts/Image Processor to select which folder you want to open, to open first image to apply settings, and to resize the images to 3641×2048. RedDeerCityTV believes the dng file can be upres’d to a 4K file that is indistinguishable from native 4k because of the ability of dng files.

Read full article at Jim Knowlton's Blue Ocean Blog “Creating Ultra HD (4K) video from RAW video shot with Magic Lantern”

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  1. Sorry guys but you are behind time. ….we have done this with Canon 7d already….other cameras are way behind this…. Samsung NX1 4K DCI….Canon is falling behind technology . Be alert since you are being followed by people who play with cameras everyday.

  2. First of all, he should be shooting for .MLV format. Second, he’s not shooting 4K – he’s shooting 1080p and upscaling, with quality loss. DNGs are not magical – you can’t just c onjure pixels.The 5D3 is, however, capable of small bursts of 4K if configured cleverly.

  3. It seems to me that Canonites are feeling left out and are trying to keep up with the pack by faking it using obscure methods every chance they can get. Just let it go and get an actual 4K camera.

  4. Good for Canon. And Sony. And Panasonic. And Samsung. And …

    So where in the hell is Nikon in all this? If the Nikon board of directors doesn’t get their **** together, they may find themselves following Kodak into the abyss.

    A couple weeks ago I talked to a Nikon rep who said the company is pinning their hopes on Virtual Reality and that as a professional photographer, I should learn all I can about the subject. WTF??

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