“The Farmers” A Fine- art Portrait Series by Tyler Stableford

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Tyler Stableford is a Canon Explorer of Light and man does he know how to explore! 

I've had the pleasure to spend a little time with Tyler and he's kind and generous with this time and knowledge. I'd love to spend more time with him someday.

He posted yesterday on his Facebook timeline about being featured (read below) for his photo of Bruce Turnbull (also shown towards the bottom of this post) and it captured my attention as well. So I ventured into his website where he featured many photos from his team's work in documenting farmers and ranchers around the USA (the project is sponsored by Canon).

At the end, Tyler included the video below, which is a Canon printer piece, but it has some awesome behind-the-scenes of the project. I was especially taken by the reactions of those who were featured in the show Tyler's team put on and my heart was warmed by the reactions they had to seeing themselves in large prints.

I asked Tyler if it would be ok to feature some of the work and he sent along the photo of Niki Day below as a special bonus for planet5D readers.

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Via Tyler Stableford's FB post:

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual! I am honored to be featured in the magazine’s awards this month, among an amazing field of fellow photographers. My photo of Bruce Turnbull and his horse Twister from “The Farmers” series was selected from over 4000 entries for the competition.

The photo features the young cowboy Bruce here in my hometown of Carbondale, Colorado, prepping his horse for a rodeo that evening. He and his dad Matt ride as team ropers in the weekly rodeo; and they run a cattle herd here in western Colorado as a three-generation family.

“The Farmers” series is part of a Canon campaign I shot with my team featuring fine-art portraits of farmers and ranchers around the country. Connecting with American farmers has been one of the most meaningful artistic endeavors of my career. Farmers work the land, pray for rain, struggle with feed prices, and care for their animals nearly every single day of their lives — often with two or three other generations of family by their side.

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To see more of The Farmers series, please see bit.ly/290QsxE

Rancher Niki Day during spring calving season

Rancher Niki Day during spring calving season (Photo Credit: Tyler Stableford)

The Farmers: Behind the Scenes of Canon “From Light to Ink”

A look into the making of The Farmers a fine- art portrait series by Tyler Stableford and the artists at Stableford Studios featuring farmers and ranchers around the country.

Directed by Steven Tobenkin
Produced by Abby Casper
Supported by Canon
Gallery Wrap Frames provided by: Breathing Color breathingcolor.com/


2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual Winner

Photo Credit: Tyler Stableford (via FB post)


See entire photo gallery HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from source in post)

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