Shocking Result to Cinegear Stabilizer Arm Test! Hold On To Your Heart

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You may have seen this, it has been circulating a day – but we waited until the video was public again (many shared it when it wasn't). 

Be prepared to have your heart ripped out after just 24 seconds. Wait for it… he was having so much fun!

I think it is a good example of why we should all be insuring our camera gear… in fact, I need to call my agent today as I've recently purchased some new gear… I'll be right back LOL

I don't know enough about this rig to know if it is designed to hold all that weight at arm's length or not, but I don't think if I were an operator I'd take that risk. Would you?

After spending a few minutes yesterday when I first saw this reading thru the youtube comments, it appeared that one person who was nearby at the time said that the camera and lens were undamaged and worked fine afterwards but that didn't stop some sites from claiming shocking titles in their posts about the camera being smashed etc.

The video was also marked as private so we chose not to share it. I found the video creator's Facebook wall where he commented that he had been offered lots of money for the video but was contemplating the offers while taking care of his sick mother – so I chose to hold off. But the video is public now and has almost a million views.

What experiences have you had where you trashed some gear?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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