Scorpion Lights Review by Yonder Blue

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Sent in by Ben:

Thought your readers would be interested in this review.Keep up the great work at Planet5D!

Via Yonder Blue Films:

We were one of the first backers on Kickstarter of the Scorpion Lights from Blind Spot Gear. Since receiving our four light kit, we have put them through the ringer. Being small and easy to mount, they go with us on just about every shoot. They travel with all their accessories in a pre-cut foam hard case that’s about the size of a carry-on. Imagine being able to stash your light kit in the overhead compartment! Needless to say, it’s a no brainer to throw them in the van when we travel to a shoot.
Below you’ll find an unbiased review (we paid for our kit). But it will be obvious fairly quickly that we are big fans of these versatile little lights – find out why in the video below…

Reviews by Yonder Blue: Scorpion Lights

Clearly, we’ve very happy with our Scorpion kit. We really have nothing negative to say about it – these lights excel our expectations every time we use them. And we’re always finding new ways to put them to use. One thing I neglected to mention in the video, there are a multitude of methods for powering these lights: Sony batteries, AC power, D-Tap, your car, etc. All the necessary power cables were included in our kit. Blind Spot Gear also has a new light on the way, and we’ve already placed a pre-order for it.

Read full blog post at Yonder Blue Films “Reviews by Yonder Blue: Scorpion Lights”

Single Scorpion Light

Scorpion Light

Via Blind Spot Gear:

The single Scorpion Light is a perfect complimentary light to your kit. It can be used as a top light, kick light or a hidden detail light. If your starting out and want your first step into lighting, look no further.

Buy the Scorpion at Blind Spot Gear

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