New Zealand: The Ultimate Road Trip – More Importantly, What’s Behind-The-Scenes To Accomplish 14 videos in 14 Days?

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We've featured Devin Supertramp many times and I keep coming back because he posts some fun stuff. 

But more importantly, he also shows what goes on behind-the-scenes. Sure, some of the behind-the-scenes is just more craziness, but this time he's gone deeply into one set of videos and what it took to produce them.

TeamSupertramp has become more than just Devin sleeping in his car – he's developed into an entire team of full and part-time teammates.

It has been amazing to see what a ton of dedication and creativity will do! The question is… do you have the same tenacity that Devin does?

Note that included in this feature is work from our friend Chris Newman – the guy behind cinechopper and cineChopper University.

I highly recommend you also dive into some of our past features of Devin:

New Zealand almost KILLED us! Two weeks of CRAZINESS!!!

Filmed by Devin Graham and TeamSupertramp using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, with the Glidecam Devin Graham Series for the stabilizing shots.

Behind The Scenes- New Zealand! The Ultimate Road Trip

(cover photo credit: snap the video)


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      I’m not planning on switching, Canon is more reliable and I don’t need ‘small’

  1. Great shots, except for scaring the hell out of the poor seal flying a drone right over it. That’s bad, and rightfully illegal in many places.

  2. I see you decided not to post my “harassing the seals” comment. I assume you thought I’m some PETA-type looking at things only from that perspective. I’m not. I’m not a vegan/vegetarian, I don’t go to or fund animal rights groups, I’m looking at it as a filmmaker, and a human being. I’ve spent a bit of time on New Zealand’s South Island, in some of the places, like Milford Sound, where those dramatic waterfalls, cliffs, and seals are. It’s not only wrong to harass wildlife, it’s illegal. New Zealand spends a lot of time and money trying to prevent tourists from harassing their threatened, protected species. I’m sure if you saw a fun, well-done video that suddenly cut to a scene of a guy beating his dog you’d be revolted, but that’s analogous to what flying a drone over a wild animal, forcing it to seek the safety of being underwater does, the fear and stress are very harmful. So, I wasn’t ranting, saying you’d better remove that video, I was simply pointing out that the one scene is bad, and you prohibiting my short post actually means, at the least, you don’t care because the video is so cool and fun, or at the most, you think it’s fine to do that.

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      Sorry Ed, I was on vacation and didn’t approve any comments for the last week 🙁

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