Marvel at the Stunning Aerial View of Norway

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Rafael Rogers sent us his latest stunning piece shot with a DJI Phantom 3 in Norway. 

We'd swapped emails earlier about some videos he was working on but this one just sent me over the top and I had to share it with you.

Some day i'm going to Norway and I might just buy a DJI Phantom 4 (or what ever is new at the time) because this is just an amazing way to record your trip! And I once said drones would never succeed. Shows you what I know sometimes LOL!

Norway: Into the Arctic 4K

A few months ago one of my best friends says, “Hey, flights to Norway are really inexpensive. You guys want to go?” After pondering this for 15 seconds I said yes. From there friends were added, an additional flight to the arctic circle area of the Lofoten Islands was planned and many cameras were packed in bags.

Here you will find 3 minutes distilled from over six and a half hours of real-time footage I took. I couldn’t stop filming. It was one of the most epic trips of my life. The most beautiful place I have been on this planet so far. We got back less than a week ago. Even though I’m jet lagged still, I knew I had to get this out there right away.

So hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been, go. If you have been, you know. Hopefully this inspires you to get out and travel more! And to all my amazing friends that made the trip what it was: Where’s next??


(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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  1. Awesome video. I am in Hammerfest Norway now with a Phantom 4 on a shoot, and we are having serious issues with DJI’s GPS / Compass. Might want to warn your readers of the issues of traveling above the Arctic Circle with a drone.

  2. Great footage…. well done. What camera? I assume Hero 4 and what are the camera settings? Any anything special about editing? regards…. Ron

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