The Nowall CH-1 Earphones: Bluetooth for Music Lovers

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And now for something completely different… Bluetooth headphones. Granted not something we usually talk about around here, but audio is a big component of filmmaking. 

One of my filmmaking friends has gotten involved in this project called the NoWall CH-1 which is up on kickstarter  and they ended up sending me a beta pair of these headphones. I was impressed. I still am.

Very impressed.

The pair i'm testing isn't without problems, but I've also gotten an early beta that doesn't have the final bluetooth driver and chip. It took me a while to get the bluetooth to connect and I was told that the base chip in my pair is very basic and not anything like the final chipset which will be more robust. I'm eager to see what the ‘real' pair will be capable of.

I also wasn't totally impressed with the sound quality at the beginning, but once I discovered the best tips for my ears which suddenly provided the right sealing for me, then things lit up! The sound was stunning once I achieved the right seal. That's my big tip (bad pun) – make sure you get the right tips!

And the final retail price will be under $100 i'm told. That's amazing!

I have been using Bose QuietComfort 3 for about 3 years. Probably not the best headphones in terms of sound quality, but $300 list price none the less. I love them for their noise cancellation – especially on a plane.

But the NoWall CH-1 crush the Bose in terms of sound quality (again, once I had the right tips – and by the way, i'm using the memory foam ones they included. The other rubber ones just weren't doing it for me). I'm hearing things I've never heard before in the music I regularly play. It is so joyful to hear!

One thing tho I don't care for… hearing my own voice while wearing them. I tried doing a podcast and it just didn't feel right. There is an Apple mic like Apple earbuds and it does work well for phone calls, but I don't like hearing myself singing with them on (grin). Not a fault of the NoWalls, it is true of any headphone that is going in your ear like this.

I'm very excited where this team is going. For $100 list price (and depending on when you get in on the kickstarter, prices as low as $69), these have the potential to really change your audio experience. And they have plans for even better versions coming down the pike.

And, i'm very excited to cut the cord from my computer to my headset and not sacrifice any sound quality (much less gaining over my Bose!). I just have to stop singing while wearing them LOL.

Note: the usual kickstarter warnings apply – there is a possibility that they won't deliver etc. Move forward at your own risk. Note as well that I was given a beta pair at no charge for feedback. I am also not being compensated for this post or for any affiliate sales that may come thru kickstarter due to this. I just thought you'd like to know

The Nowall CH-1 Earphones: Bluetooth for Music Lovers

Via Kickstarter:

CH-1 by Nowall is the world's first dual-driver, Hi-Fi Bluetooth® earphones. Two drivers mean that you are hearing your music, podcasts, and phone calls in crystal-clear quality from the bass beats to the high notes.


  • Up to 10 hours of wireless, Hi-Fi Bluetooth® listening
  • In-ear noise isolation
  • Balanced armature + 10mm Dynamic Driver
  • 30+ feet of range using the Bluetooth® connection
  • Unique wired-to-wireless option so that you can keep listening even when the CH-1 is not charged
  • In-line microphone + volume control
  • Comfortable and snug over-ear design
  • Finally, superior sound quality is available to all music lovers! CH-1 by Nowall is loved by both casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

The Nowall CH-1 Earphones image 1

Change the way you hear music for the better. Hear the world through stunning hi-fi earphones that deliver studio-quality sound without breaking the bank.

CH-1 by Nowall, the world's best Hi-Fi Bluetooth® earphones, offering studio-quality audio, crystal-clear phone conversations, and an innovative wireless design at an affordable price, even for casual listeners.

Stream music you love through durable wired-to-wireless earbuds designed to make you feel like you're experiencing it live. CH-1 by Nowall brings you top-level audio quality when you are on the go; whether you are in the middle of a noisy commute, a heart-pounding workout, or getting things done around the house.

The Nowall CH-1 Earphones image 2

Included in each box:

  • Nowall CH-1 noise-isolating, Bluetooth®-capable earphones with a balanced armature and a 10mm dynamic driver in each earpiece
  • Auxiliary cable for a wired connection to your device
  • Micro-USB charger that plugs into any USB port for charging
  • 5 sets of eartips, including a set of Comply™ Foam eartips for added comfort
  • A leather carrying couch

Learn more about the Nowall CH-1 Earphones at their Kickstarter campaign.

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