Skipstone A New Engaging Video Platform For Businesses

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I met Arron Nelson ( at NAB this year. We got to chatting about how videos need to be created by many businesses to explain their service and Arron said he had some interesting things he’s finding and wanted to share them. So we’re going to get a few guest posts from Arron. Here’s the first. 

Skipstone A New Engaging Video Platform For Businesses

By Arron D. Nelson Jr.

Every day as a filmmaker, when I’m not shooting, I scourer the internet to find new technology that I can use in my work. New things can change the industry so quickly these days, that finding and using something new will keep you on the same playing field as everyone else.

A recent discovery is a new video platform called Skipstone. This isn’t a Youtube or Vimeo, it’s something all its own. It’s a tool I see being utilized for businesses to create engagement with their customers. Almost like an interactive FAQ database. Take a look at the video below to get an overview of how it works. Then go to and see it in action.

Skipstone for Consumers and Brands

You have the main introductory video playing at the head. Then at any time, with a voice command or text, you can ask a question. It then uses keywords to quickly search its database of videos to immediately start playing the new video. You can keep asking questions at any point as well. This allows the consumer to get the answers for the questions they want right away. They no longer have to watch a 10 minute video or search a website just to answer one simple question.

The question I had when I first came across Skipstone was how was a business supposed to know what videos they need to shoot. Skipstone thought of that too. If you ask it a question that it doesn’t have a corresponding video for, it takes you to a form that emails your question to the business. The backend of Skipstone keeps track of these. A business then can see which questions are on people’s minds and shoot more videos to add to their already existing database. So the first initial batch of videos can just answer any basic question.

As a filmmaker, why do I find Skipstone exciting? For my business clients that will want to utilize Skipstone, they will also want to keep adding more and more videos to their database over the years. That means more work for us filmmakers out there.


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