Reviewing Video Anytime, Anywhere Gets Easier With the New iPhone App

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We shared with you when they launched, and recently they added the ability to handle everything inside Premiere, and now, they've released an iOS app! 

I had a quick demo of this at NAB and it was astounding. The ability to review your customer's comments or director's comments or anyone else involved in the process with your phone is very cool.

Being a 1 man band and doing my own videos, I haven't jumped on, but if I were working with a team on a video project, I would definitely consider this. Communication is key and I sure wouldn't want all my info spread across a bunch of different platforms to try to get reviews/edits done.

Of course, the iPhone won't be your primary tool, but if you're waiting for a flight or out and about, this gives you the ability to react as if you're in the studio. announces an all new iPhone app that delivers a beautifully designed video review and collaboration experience. iPhone app 1


Reviewing video anytime, anywhere has never been easier

May 31th, 2016. unveiled today an all new iOS app that gives editors, producers, artists, and filmmakers of all stripes the ability to share, review and collaborate on videos wherever they are.

Creative business run on the communication of change. Whether you're in a meeting, on set, or commuting to work, lets you stay in the loop on your projects, receive and give real time and accurate feedback to your team and clients so they can keep moving fast on the next great movie, TV show, or commercial. Stop sifting through long-winded emails, endless chat streams and numerous versions. Let just the critical information come to you. On your phone. iPhone app 3 for iOS includes:

  • Time based comments and video annotations so you can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate your feedback.
  • Video transcoding in the cloud so you can upload any video format and never worry about playback compatibility. It'll just work.
  • Video transcoding in the cloud so you can upload any video format and never worry about playback compatibility. It'll just work.
  • Comment Replay – loops a 4 second range around any comment so you can get a sense of what it means in context.
  • TouchScrub – just slide your finger over a thumbnail to preview.
  • 3D Touch Support with Peek and Pop
  • Touch ID for added security iPhone app 2

“We spent 8 months perfecting the experience for iPhone and it's absolutely amazing”, says CEO, Emery Wells. “The old way of working with email and 10 different file sharing and video review services just wasn't cutting it. We first solved that problem on the web and now with for iOS we've made the entire video review and collaboration experience accessible from anywhere.”

Also available in French and German, the iOS app can be downloaded now from the App Store. To learn more, please visit

About, a video review, sharing and collaboration platform is designed to replace the hodgepodge of Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and e-mail for communication. Headquartered in New York City, was developed by people who love creating content, but not the process for creating it. We are filmmakers, VFX artists and post production pros who realized there must be a better way to collaborate and communicate creative feedback. Our customers such as Buzzfeed, Facebook, Reddit, BBC, TED, New York Post and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) rely on us to upload video, privately share it, and easily capture actionable feedback that they need to swiftly drive creative projects forward.

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