New Canon Cinema EOS C700 Coming in 2016?

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Well this is an interesting rumor from canonrumors… A competitor to Arri? Something along the lines of the Arri Amira? 

CR suggests that this will be above the Canon EOS C500 and possibly called the C700… but curiously says it will be a different form factor. With a possible shoulder mount?

Probably not a revolutionary camera, but evolutionary. There are plenty of high end cameras in hollywood and there's always room for more right? But this is also where you're not getting volume sales to keep the price down (wait, did I just make a joke about Canon keeping prices down? HA!).

Craig reckons: “It'll be announced the first week of September.”

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Canon Cinema EOS C700 Coming in 2016 [CR2]


Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told that Canon will announce a new Cinema EOS camera some before the end of September 2016, if we had to guess, it would be for IBC, which runs from September 8, 2016 until September 13, 2016 in Amsterdam.

Internally the camera is called the “C1” we’re told, but that it will not be called that when it is released, and it is not a follow-up to the Cinema EOS C500. If we had to guess again, we’re looking at a Cinema EOS C700.

We started talking about an true ARRI competitor as far back as 2014, and this appears to be that camera. This could be Canon’s version of the Amira.

The camera will employ a new Super35 sensor with a claimed dynamic range of 15 stops, the same sort of claim made of the C300 Mark II. The form factor will be different than the current Cinema EOS cameras. There will be likely be some kind of a shoulder mount.

Read full article at Canon Rumors “Canon Cinema EOS C700 Coming in 2016 [CR2]”

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