NASA Shares Stunning 4K Footage of the Aurora Borealis from Space

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Y'all know I'm a huge fan of the Northern Lights (tho I've never seen them myself sadly) and the space program, and when this video popped up on my radar, I just had to watch! 

This is worth your time if you're like me.

Tho I haven't figured out yet what that is at the end… is that space debris burning in the atmosphere? Anyone know?

I've also included a second video at the bottom. When I was at NAB, Canon was very gracious and invited me to their press dinner. At that dinner, we were shown a preview of the new IMAX “A Beautiful Planet” movie that I can't wait to see. Canon gear was used for a lot of the film

Oh how I wish I could be flying over the earth taking photos!

NASA Shares Stunning 4K Footage of the Aurora Borealis, as Seen From the International Space Station

Via Hypebeast:

NASA Television launched the first non-commercial Ultra-high definition (UHD) video channel in North America, showcasing the kind of stunning, crystal-clear footage that only NASA and its stations can provide. The video above showcases the International Space Station’s views of both the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis atmospheric phenomena, wherein colorful waves of electrically-charged protons and electrons cascade psychedelically in Earth’s uppermost atmospheric strata, resulting in waves of brilliant color.

Window to Earth: NASA Partners with IMAX for ‘A Beautiful Planet'

(cover photo credit: snap from video)


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