LED Lights: The Good, The Bad, The Future – A NAB 2016 Lighting Panel Discussion That Rocks

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Our good friend Barry Andersson hosted 2 panels at NAB and this one on LED lighting is awesome! Everyone wants to know more about LED lights and having a panel with a wide variety of experiences helps. 

Especially nice to have not only shooters and cinematographers, but manufacturers so you hear both sides. And as Barry mentions at one point early in the show is that for cinematographers to actually hear the problems the manufacturers have trying to create products that match standards and to be able to be consistent over time.

I think you'd find plenty to listen to in this great panel. It is hard to stop watching so make time to watch the whole thing.

NAB Live Show 2016 – ProductionHUB-LED Lights: The Good, The Bad, The Future

Host Barry Anderson on the Teradek NAB Live Show 2016 (brought to you by ProductionHUB) with panelists Joel Svendsen (Product manager of Rosco), Eve Cohen (G-Technology G-Team ambassador), Brent Siebenaler (Brand Manager of Fiilex), Micah Van Hove (Director/Producer/DP of NoFilmSchool) and Daniel Emerson (CEO of Light & Motion) talk about LED lighting for photography and filmmaking production.

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