Introducing DitoGear Lifter, Accessory Product for DitoGear VibraFreek for Automotive Cinematography

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For those of you shooting car chase scenes or filming car commercials, we've got a new product from DitoGear for you the Lifter. 

Admittedly this is a niche product, but after poking around at NAB several weeks ago, I saw several vendors with car rigging systems on display and therefore i'm sure many of you will be interested in this announcement.

And I suspect many of those products at NAB were likely more expensive as well. I know I stopped in one booth and asked about pricing and was told they started in the $50k range.

The Lifter – which is an add-on to their VibraFreek is only $4,829.59

If you're in any situation where you're needing to shoot vehicles and need some vertical motion, here's your answer!

DitoGear Lifter Module Test Footage

Introducing DitoGear™ Lifter

Via DitoGear:

DitoGear™Lifter is an upgrade product to combine with DitoGear™VibraFreek and DitoGear™ VibraFreek 2m Pillar.

Its safety system slows down camera fall in case of loss of power.

Dito Gear Lifter

Lifter takes payloads up to 50kg* effectively taking a high-end gimbal stabilizer and majority of cameras used nowadays.

Pillar configuration

DitoGear™ Lifter is an accessory for VibraFreek and needs Pillar configuration. Pillar can be purchased separately or in VibraFreek Bundle.



  • Maximum payload 50 kg (110.2 lbs)
  • Maximum lift speed 3s/1m
  • Weight 47 kg (103 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 230 cm x 28 cm x 24 cm

Visit the DitoGear Store to order the DitoGear Lifter.


FYI, here's the DitoGear Vibrafreek in action:

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)


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