Canon Getting Ready for 8k? What about 4k Canon?

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The interview from NAB by Clint Milby from HDSLRShooter with Tim Smith from Canon is intriguing and something I think you should watch (that's why I post after all LOL). 

I hear over and over on the ‘nets that Canon is “so far behind” vendors like Sony and Panasonic and yet when you sit and talk to them, you realize that they're very smart about the market.

While I totally get that many of you are all over 4k and shoot it daily and it is now ingrained in your process, please realize that you're actually on the leading edge still. There are a lot more people who are still shooting 1080HD and satisfying their customers every day. And Canon is certainly watching the market!

While there are plenty who have moved to other formats and other vendors, there are the silent majority who are just getting the job done and are even using OLD technology (you know, the 5D2 and I still talk to plenty of people shooting on the T2i for example, because it “gets the job done!”).

So, I put this to you… while Canon may not be on the bleeding edge with delivered DSLRs with 4k, you can bet they're working hard on the future (see this video and understand how hard moving forward can be).

You may call me a Canon fan boy if you want, but I've also worked in large manufacturing companies and know just how hard it is to turn that tanker ship in the ocean (analogy for difficulty for moving heavy objects quickly). Canon is still leading the market in sales in just about every arena and tho other manufacturers may be quick to market, we've certainly seen them have major problems with delivery and product quality. So sometimes as my father used to tell me, you get what you pay for.

NAB 2016: Canon Wants You To Think About 8K

Via HDSLR Shooter:

Canon did indeed have an 8K concept camera, along with their 8K display, but as Tim Smith explains, they and the world may not be ready for 8K just yet.

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  1. WE DONT NEED 8K!!! We need high bit depth REAL RAW 4K and much higher frame rates. Work on 8K all you want but not on our production dime.

    1. Author

      Art, there indeed will be people who need 8k. And working on new technologies helps with current development. Just look at auto racing where technologies flow down to the consumer level.

  2. Start doing your homework and stop dreaming about 8k. Is this just an excuse that
    you can’t handle 4k in 60/120fps? This old company is falling apart with this strange Japanese

    1. Author

      I think you missed the point completely. 8k will eventually be a reality for some. Heck there are companies in Japan delivering 8k now.

  3. Your opinions on this post are far from the truth and only reflect blind fanboys. Some people are still using 720p (Canon gear) because they don’t have means to invest in something else or are still waiting for Canon to finally announce 4K DSLR’s because they are heavily invested in Canon glass.
    Rest assured, when Canon will announce 8K gear, it will be so expensive that very few people will afford!

    1. Author

      You’re partly right. Sure there are some who can’t afford or are waiting, but there are a large number of the silent members of the photography/video clan who are just continuing to work with their gear that does what they need it to do without upgrading. It has nothing to do with waiting on 4k DSLRs, they just do what they need to do and the customers are completely happy. Canon won’t be announcing 8k any time soon. There’s little need. But they’re working on the technology.

  4. If your customer base is fine with what you have (1080), that’s great. There are advantages of 4K down res to 1080. And if the customer had a choice with a side by side comparison, they would probably opt for the down res 4K.
    I remember when the GH4 first came out. I wanted one. I was in NY on vacation (I live in Europe with the horrid VAT and 29min limit recording), but B&H along with Adorama always had them on backorder.
    I came back to Europe and decided to wait and see what Canon would do. I have Canon DSLR and love the images. I waited and Canon came out with the XC10. Really??? So I went Panasonic and haven’t looked back. I needed a camera that could do stills and video, and light weight for backpacking.
    Canon has the “name”, and make great products and lenses. Just that they aren’t innovative in the least, and are behind technologically to the other companies. There “new” 80D doesn’t have focus peaking or zebra stripes. The $600 (and often discounted) Panasonic bridge FZ300 has those and shoots decent 4K.
    I agree 8K is a long way in the future, but Canon has done really nothing in 4K outside of their higher end DSLR and C300 II. They aren’t interested in putting 4K (at least at the moment) in anything less than the 1Dseries in cost, which are way above my meager retirement salary.

  5. Canon has gone down the tubes. First off most Canon EF L series glass is barely good enough for enough for 4K. Also when I got my FS7 I was so gunho to shoot 4k, I have the fastest apple on the market for editing. I can handle 4K, but after a while I realize its not worth the effort for most work. It just isn’t. 8K even less so.

  6. 20 years of owning high end canon and I am renting a Sony for 2 weeks –
    120 fps is not much to ask for..
    8k? Yes let them keep announcing future stuff you can’t buy.. That really helps profits. Meanwhile everyone is switching.

  7. TWO THINGS…..Sony color science SUCKS. The second thing is the game will change with the release of the 5dmk iv..

  8. Give me 120 fps, 4K, 50mbit codec and a 4th ND Filter on a C100 and I’ll buy two
    tomorrow. Until then, my old C100 will do just fine. Especially since I’ve never had a client ask for 1080, let alone 4K.

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