Where will Lytro focus their Light Field technology after exiting the consumer market?

by planetMitch

Should we say this isn't shocking news? 

Lytro has exited the consumer market and will no longer be selling their Light Field cameras.

I can't say I'm surprised. The Lytro never really took off and now we see that tho the technology is cool, consumers didn't go for it.

But this lengthy post by CEO Jason Rosenthal is interesting if you're curious about how a CEO goes thru the decision process of shutting something down that had a lot of fanfare and some good traction (at least for a while).

So what is Lytro going to focus on?

Virtual Reality of course!

We showed you their new VR machine several months ago and that's where they believe their Light Field tech will work best. And I hope they're right.

As a consumer, I never cared for the ability to change focus after the photo was taken was cool and would fix a few photos I botched, but having someone do it after the fact to my photo just felt a bit off. I'm a control freak ok? 🙂

Lytro is no longer in the consumer photography business according to this lengthy post by the company's CEO Jason Rosenthal. Lytro sees a future in virtual reality – they recently announced Lytro Immerge, the world’s first professional light field solution for cinematic VR (pictured above).

The Lytro Illum lightfield camera currently sells for $379, while the cheaper model goes for $99.

via Lytro exits consumer business, will continue with virtual reality solutions