Transform Your Storytelling and Career! Have a Mentor and Accountability With The Muse Storytelling Masterclass

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Only 20% of people watch the training they purchase? Ouch. 

Like many of you, I've purchased training that I've never completed. Heck, I've made training like that that I know people haven't finished. It is frustrating.

I've also been present with hands on classes and been in situations where I've gotten mentoring and accountability and it MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in my outcome.

I know it will with you as well.

We've told you about Muse training before… and now it is time to go in deeply – the Muse Masterclass! Watch this video and I know you'll feel the inspiration and motivation.

Something like this is usually priced well over $4-5k. But there's also a timer on this – you only have until Friday to grab this and hold on for the ride.

What do you get? It is so much more than just a course and a mentorship. The first generation of Masterclass learners will receive everything that is currently in the Muse store. That means you get access to the entire Muse Universe: Lifetime Access to Muse for commercial, wedding, & documentary storytelling, posters, e-books, the Conducting Remarkable Interviews course, PLUS you will be the first to receive access to stuff that hasn't even come out yet: the second edition of the Business Side of Story course, and the Video Marketing Blueprint.
If you buy everything individually, you'd pay over $3,200

The Muse Masterclass

Be 1 of 70 filmmakers to join the Muse Storytelling Masterclass and forever change your storytelling.

The Muse Masterclass offers a guided curriculum that runs just over 3 months in duration during which you'll craft the strongest story you've ever told.

Your main objective is to find, build, and deliver a passion project–a 3 to 5 minute film set within your community. We'll guide you to incredible results by focusing on two core principles; accountability and action.

You'll have a Community Cohort of 4 other participants that will become your team to support you throughout the Masterclass.

You'll also have the mentorship of the Muse team through webinars, a 1-on-1 story strategy session, and a private Slack channel with all the Masterclass participants.

Registration closes April 15th and is $1,997US/participant.

Learn more about the Muse Storytelling Masterclass.

Muse Masterclass ($1,997)

  • Lifetime Access
  • 14 Week Guided Curriculum
  • All Learning Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • 100 Learners Per Class
  • Mentorship & 1-on-1 Support
  • Muse Toolkit (book & poster)
  • Community Webinars
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Access to Muse Storybuilder
  • Craft a Passion Project
  • Opportuity for Muse Certification

Self-Paced Muse ($327)

  • Lifetime Access
  • Self-Guided Learning
  • All Learning Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Unlimited Seating
  • Community Support Forum

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