Timelapse Game Changer! Ron Risman Shares Hands-on with the New Timelapse+ VIEW

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Friend of planet5D Ron Risman has managed to get his hands on a prototype of the new Timelapse+ VIEW that has just launched on Kickstarter and it looks to be a real game changer for timelapse fans (and we try not to use that phrase unless we really mean it!). 

Below, we've grabbed just a tiny bit of Ron's post and I mention that because you really need to jump over there and read the whole thing!

I think watching just the first few minutes of Ron's video and the Kickstarter video below will show you just how exciting this device could be… the ability to have the Timelapse+ VIEW automatically see what the last shot's exif data was and be able to adjust the camera's settings for the next shot and do this continuously is indeed a game changing concept.

The two biggest problems people have with setting up and learning timelapse are determining the right settings and seeing what they're shooting and the Timelapse+ VIEW solves both of those in very elegant ways.

Have a look at both of these videos and read the info and see if it is awesome or not…

Note: the usual caveats exist for kickstarter projects – consider them a gamble and not a sure thing. I am not saying Elija isn't trustworthy, I think he is and with Ron's excitement I think this is a potentially cool deal, but there have been projects that seemed cool and failed. So just be aware of the risks.

Hands-on with the new Timelapse+ VIEW

Via Cameratown.com:

Today I had the opportunity to spend time with a new product that quite possibly will change Time lapse capture forever. The product is called the Timelapse+VIEW and it just launched today on Kickstarter. If you are a seasoned timelaper or a newbie check out my review to find out why this is the first time in my 12 years of writing about technology have I used the phrase “game changer.”

First Look at the TL+View Intervalometer

Via Timelapse Workshops:

Eljiah Parker successfully launched an advanced intervalometer through Kickstarter about 4 years ago. The product was the Timelapse+, a compact handheld time lapse controller that featured a built- in light sensor and offered interval and exposure ramping, focus ramping with select cameras, and the ability to wirelessly control the Dynamic Perception motion control sliders and heads. It was also the first time lapse controller on the market that allowed users to capture “holy grail” sequences (the smooth capture of day to night transitions) without having to babysit the process.

While the remote was one of the easiest ones on the market to use – it still had a rather steep learning curve thanks to the wide variety of settings and input needed to setup the device. While those that stuck with it had great success, casual users often found all of the settings a bit overwhelming. The idea of using a light meter seemed to make sense at the time, but a light meter isn't seeing what the camera is seeing; can easily be fooled by street lights or other artificial lights; and they don't actually work once light levels get too dim.

To get around the light sensor's sensitivity issues extra programming and settings needed to be added to the controller, and extra input was needed from the user in order to achieve a successful and smooth ramp from daylight through to the night sky. All of this helped to make devices like the Timelapse+ and Ramper Pro a product solely used by enthusiasts – as they are the only ones willing to invest the time it takes for trial and error.

Elijah is hoping to change all that with the launch of the new Timelapse+ VIEW. This new time lapse remote control removes all of the complexities of capturing advanced time lapses and makes capturing a “holy grail” time lapse as easy as capturing a standard time lapse. Say goodbye to wasted nights of trial and error.

Read full article at Timelapse Workshops “Hands-on with the new Timelapse+ VIEW”

Note: it is our policy to give credit as well as deserved traffic to our news sources – so we don't repost the entire article – sorry, I know you want the juicy bits, but I feel it is only fair that their site get the traffic and besides, you just might make a new friend and find an advertiser that has something you've never seen before


Here's the video from Elijah Parker the creator of the Timelapse+ VIEW and you can see the kickstarter project here

(cover photo credit: snap from Cameratown.com)


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