Revolutionary New Drone-Mountable Aerial Light: the Fiilex AL250

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Here's a new one for ya… mounting a light on a drone to light places that are difficult to light! 

We've not seen this before but maybe it makes sense for certain situations. At least it is small and light. We'll be spying on this at NAB for sure.

Hopefully you aren't yelling “quiet on the set” and expecting to get it tho if you've got a drone 20′ overhead LOL.

Behind-The-Scenes: Night Thief

Night Thief

Fiilex AL250



Via Fiilex:

The AL250 features the high-CRI LED illumination that Fiilex is known for. With specially-designed optics and our smallest form factor yet, the AL250 makes for an exciting addition to any innovative filmmaker's arsenal.

Traditionally, hanging a light overhead has been an expensive, cumbersome, or even impossible task. Now the AL250 gives you the unprecedented control and freedom to hang light sources in previously inaccessible places. It dramatically increases your ability to maximize production value with minimal resources.

Whether you're shooting stills or video, the AL250 packs the most punch into the smallest package. This 200W-equivalent LED source weighs only 270 grams and has an integrated fresnel lens all built within a sleek body. The AL250 attaches to any drone fitted with a GoPro mount. The removable battery provides 25 minutes of illumination per charge, outlasting the flight duration of most consumer drones.

AL250 Specifications

Learn more about Fiilex AL250.

(cover photo credit: snap from Fiilex)


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