planet5D Musicbed Giveaway Winners PLUS At Least 10 MORE Giveaways This Year!

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Yes, you heard me! planet5D will have at least 10 more giveaways this year as I made a lot of great connections at NAB last week.

I suspect we're going to be able to do approximately 20 in total this year (including the ones we've already done). That's 2/month!

So look for plenty of exciting prizes here on planet5D this year and beyond!

Plus, I've started creating a new page where you can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. I'm always being asked if we actually give away the prizes and I thought that putting all the info on one page would make it easier.

So here's the giveaway winner page

Current giveaway?

We're currently (until this friday April 29th) giving away 2 Sachtler Ace M Tripods and a Lightpanels Caliber on our giveaway page. Make sure to enter!


It was a bit tough with NAB to get all of the names drawn and swapping emails with all the winners but we've gotten all 7 selected and approved.

I also got to meet several of the Musicbed team at NAB – they had a booth as well as invited me to a party one evening which was awesome! These are good people and if you're looking for music for your video projects, they're a good site to check.

Musicbed – 7 $100 certificates – April 2016

We were excited to be able to offer 7 Musicbed music gift certificates for $100 each!

Here's what the winners had to say (yes, we're still missing one quote, but Kaustubh was the 7th winner):


“What could be better than launching your email app and reading another edition of the planet5D blog? I know… you are saying “Nothing is better than that!” But you are wrong, because opening it and seeing an email from planetMitch telling you you won free stuff from planet5D and a cool sponsor is even better!  Seriously though, I've been enjoying the always informative and entertaining planet5D blog newsletter and website for several years.  Winning $100 in Musicbed credit is just icing on the cake. Thanks Musicbed and planetMitch!

-Mike, Harvest, Alabama”


My name is Raymond and i am so happy to be able to tell you about how excited i am to have win this giveaway from planet5D. Its hard to put into words what this wining Musicbed giveaway on planet5D can do for a person who sometime thinks that giveaway are just put out there to get people hopes up. I can never say a off about the great things the happen on facebook. I just love planet5D for putting this giveaway and so much more out there for people to read. The more a person knows the better the world becomes. Thank You!!


I am super stoked to have won one of these Music Bed gift cards! Its really great that planet5D partners with companies like Musicbed to do neat giveaways like this. It definently builds the film and music community. As a filmmaker I have used Musicbed a number of times. It is really great that they enable Filmmakers like myself to have access to professional music and soundtracks that would normally cost a couple grand to either license or otherwise have custom scored. At the same time it enables real musicians to get their work out there and make a profit off of their tracks. planet5D is a great place to also see new gear plus the blogs help filmmakers see new perspectives on filmmaking, enabling more creativity. I think more filmmakers need to know about companies like Musicbed, so I think its great that planet5D is able to both collaborate and get these names out there!


I'm excited to win the prize and I love planet5D because it keeps me informed of updates and news from the visual world. It's fantastic


My thanks to planet5D and MusicBed for allowing me the opportunity to win! These are my go-to sites for the latest news, cameras, equipment, reviews and music and more! They provide with up-to-date information and content whenever I need it, allowing me to expand my knowledge in the photo and video industry, giving me the power to create better content. Thanks again!


I am thrilled to have won the Musicbed giveaway on planet5D! The licensing service that Musicbed offers is exactly what I need to give my current project a boost. Thanks planet5D, you're awesome!

Make sure you watch the giveaway page (it is this URL:

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