NAB Live! So many ways to keep up to date

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planet5D will of course be at NAB 

We've already seen a slew of new announcements with more to come next week of course!

I'll be on the Teradek live planet5D daily wrap up show at the end of the day (5:30 – 6pm PDT) with my friend Michael Artsis. See the big flyer below

We're also hosting the NAB LiveBlog again this year – you can find that at and on several other sites as well like and We're working TOGETHER instead of fighting each other – to bring you the best content on the planet regardless of provider.

One stop shopping for NAB news!

Here's the Teradek live stream if you're curious and want to watch later:

NAB Live Show with Teradek

NAB Live Show with Teradek

(cover photo credit: snap from Teradek)


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