Meet the Smallest and the Lightest EVF in Zacuto’s Micro-OLED Lineup, the Gratical Eye

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Zacuto's Gratical Eye looks very cool! 

Very cool looking viewfinder and if the performance is anything like their other Graticals, this could be a winner.

Found a review over on cinema5D you should check out.

(small snippet of the cinema5D post)

Its minimalistic approach means it has fewer hardware features than its larger siblings. No battery, only one SDI-in and no HDMI. Clearly targeted at higher end shoulder cameras like the Sony FS7, F5/55, Canon C300 Mark II, Panasonic Varicam 35 and LT, Red Dragon/Weapon, Alexa Mini and so on.

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Our Micro-OLED EVFs feature a powerful FPGA dual core processor, precision optics with a built in diopter for focusability, and 5.4 million individually lit pixels for the most vivid, vibrant image you can get.

Compare Gratical EVF models

Welcome to the Gratical Eye! New Micro-OLED EVF from Zacuto

Via Zacuto Press:

Chicago, IL – April 13th, 2016 – The Gratical Eye Micro-OLED SDI EVF is the definitive focusing tool for the consummate filmmaking professional. The smallest and the lightest EVF in Zacuto’s Micro-OLED lineup, the Gratical Eye is targeted at filmmakers working with professional SDI cameras and external power systems. No other SDI electronic viewfinder on the market is as portable and powerful as the Gratical Eye.


“The Zacuto Gratical Eye ticks all the boxes of what a high quality, professional viewfinder should be. It takes industry standard SDI-IN and is powered by a 2-pin Lemo which can be found in any 1st AC's tool bag. The compact size of the Eye makes it compatible with even the smallest and most agile setups.” – Phil Arntz, Filmmaker

The 14 ounce Gratical Eye has the same bright, brilliant 5.4 million pixel micro-OLED screen, high quality precision optics, and powerful FPGA dual core processor as Zacuto’s two other Gratical EVF models. It features Zacuto’s patented, essential anti-fog coated lens (Never fogs, in humidity or freezing temperatures!) and their full range of software features including scopes, LUTs, two forms of peaking, and so much more. It differs in power and inputs, keeping only the necessary to save on weight and size.


The Gratical Eye eliminates the Canon LP-E6 battery found on other EVFs and replaces it with the widely used 2 pin Lemo connector. Zacuto has created a custom power video cable combining a BNC with a 2 pin Lemo to powertap. HDMI customers can easily use the Eye with an HDMI converter. New to the Gratical Eye Micro-OLED EVF are two unique features – an external tally light and a proximity screen saver to conserve power.

“For anyone with an SDI video camera, the Gratical Eye is absolutely the best EVF out there. It has all the quality of the Gratical HD but in a wonderful, sleek miniaturised form. It's incredible!” – Philip Bloom, Filmmaker

The Gratical Eye will be available to order through Zacuto’s entire worldwide reseller network starting April 13th. Visit the Zacuto website to watch videos and discover more about this unique product from the design team at Zacuto.

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