Five Ways Shooting Motion Will Make You a Better Still Photographer

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Gail Mooney has put together an inspiring list of 5 ways your filmmaking will improve your photography and it is worth a read. 

We often forget that still photography is a way of telling a story. And we sure as heck don't think about motion as a photographer as often as we should. Most times we're thinking ‘stop' the motion.

A quick read that won't take long, but will I think inspire you to remember the motion you've learned.

Five Ways Shooting Motion Will Make You a Better Still Photographer

Via kellymooneyminutes.wordress:

I’m a storyteller; in fact that’s why I made photography a huge part of my life. I want to utilize my craft to tell the stories that I feel compelled to tell. I think in terms of paginations, like pages in a magazine or scenes in a film and I realize now that I have always approached still photography like a cinematographer.

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Here are some tips I learned from shooting motion that will make you a better still photographer:

Cover it – Get comprehensive coverage – a variety of perspectives, focal lengths (wide, medium, tight and close-ups.) When shooting video, you always need plenty of b-roll to work with when editing a story. My still photography clients enjoy getting the variations that I shoot. It gives them an abundance of choice and I benefit by making more money.

Get sequences – Get mini stories of people interacting within the whole story. When I’m shooting, I think about how my shots will come together as part of the whole video. I approach still photography stories the same way – in paginations. How will I connect the still images to make the whole?

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