Crazy Planning, Very High Risk of Failure, Photographer Beats Odds to Shoot Incredible Solar Eclipse Photos

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This is just a fascinating story! Y'all know I'm an astronomer – have always been fascinated by the stars and planets – so this story grabbed me right away. 

But it is all the better because it has an awesome concept and plan – something I don't usually do in my photography. I'm more of a reactionary to the things I see around me. I sure don't plan years in advance! Rueben Krabbe had a dream and a plan. But it involved traveling to the very far north – up in the arctic – and in extreme cold. All hoping to get clear skies in an area that rarely sees clear skies that time of year.

As I said, I don't plan, tho I am thinking about the total eclipse that is coming to the USA in August of 2017 which is coming within just a few miles of my planetarium (also known as my house). But I won't have any skiers to help make the shot memorable!

I hope you make time to watch the SECOND video below… it is 30 minutes. The first video is a 2 minute short version.

This is a fascinating story of dedication to an idea and execution. Wonderful story! And a very well done documentary. Heck, it would make a great skiing documentary by itself.

Solomon skis sponsored the trip and they have some behind-the-scenes too!

This Photographer Shot Skiers in Front of a Total Solar Eclipse

Photographer Shot Skiers

Via PetaPixel:

 up to the total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, photographer Rueben Krabbe had a crazy and ambitious idea: he wanted to photograph skiers in front of the eclipse at the “edge of the Earth.”

After a great deal of planning to figure out the logistics of making this shoot possible, Krabbe traveled with the team to Svalbard, a group of Norwegian islands that sit about halfway between Europe and the North Pole.

On the day of the eclipse, temperatures were as low as -40°C. The team spent about 45 minutes on snowmobiles, trying to find the best location (note: this video contains strong language):

Eclipse – The very SHORT version:

After settling on a spot, the skiers — Chris Rubens, Brødy Leven, and Cody Townsend — hiked up the ridgeline while Krabbe set up his equipment 1.5 kilometers (~0.93 miles) away. He used super telephoto lenses to capture the skiers and the eclipse at the relative sizes he wanted in the frame.

Everything came together perfectly when the eclipse began, and Krabbe was able to capture a remarkable set of photos that matched what he had envisioned.

Read full article at PetaPixel “This Photographer Shot Skiers in Front of a Total Solar Eclipse”

Full 30 Minute Movie

Here's the FULL Version:


Had to add this video… just found it on the Solomon Ski behind-the-scenes page… it is the excitement after the eclipse.



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