CameraLends Launches Marketplace for Used Gear

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We've shared CamerLends with you before and they've got a pretty awesome update today! 

I've still not put any of my gear up for rental, but I have checked the local market and it is growing. I'm in St. Louis and there aren't a lot of people who know about CameraLends yet, but i'm pleased with the way more stuff is appearing.

With the addition of the option to SELL gear as well as rent, that's making it a very cool tool.

CameraLends Launches Marketplace for Used Gear

April 26th, 2016 San Francisco, CA. – ​In addition to the successful peer­-to­peer rental service, CameraLends now allows members to list their gear for sale through their recently launched Used Gear Marketplace. In the first week of launch, there are already 200+ items ready for purchase.

CameraLends Used Gear Marketplace screen

With thousands of listings available in 600+ cities, CameraLends makes it easy for any photographer or filmmaker to rent gear on the fly and earn sharing their own. Now they offer the same great service for members wanting to permanently part with their gear.

With a growing inventory ranging from DJI Phantom drones, Leica lenses, Canon 5D Mark II, Sony A6300, Blackmagic, to stabilizers and sliders, the brand new CameraLends Used Gear Marketplace will make it easier for photographers and filmmakers to sell the gear they no longer need, on the same platform they’re used to lending on.

Since starting in 2013, CameraLends members have listed over $10M worth in gear with active rentals in over half of the United States.

Filmmakers and photographers have taken advantage of the CameraLends rental service, and will now have the ability to buy and sell the gear they’ve become familiar with. The new Used Gear Marketplace is another addition to the CameraLends service that will enhance member experience, as well as providing a great resource to the photography and filmmaking community as a whole.

The CameraLends Used Gear Marketplace is now open for business! Check it out at

CameraLends’ Mission Statement

CameraLends is the world’s largest peer­to­peer rental community for camera and video equipment. We help photographers and filmmakers connect with one another to rent gear at the most affordable rates ­ without deposit or shipping. We strive to provide the best customer service to our members, maintaining a trusted marketplace for owners to earn the most from their unused gear, with the security that the equipment is fully protected from damage or loss.

Company Information
CameraLends was launched by Adam Derewecki in January 2013, listing cameras and lenses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Designed for freelance photographers and filmmakers, CameraLends is a marketplace that connects professionals who own gear with verified renters.

Since launching, CameraLends has rapidly grown to 600+ locations across the United States, with thousands of community members and listings.

Cameras and lenses can be very pricy, but there’s a minimum bar of quality that professionals need for paid gigs. Until they can justify purchasing it themselves, they’re looking for ways to rent top­shelf gear on the cheap. And as soon as they own nice gear, they can immediately start earning back on their investment by lending it risk­free within the community. The CameraLends Guarantee protects owners in the event of damage or loss, so there’s no downside to lending.

In July 2014, CameraLends participated in the Hackers and Founders Startup Incubator based in Mountain View, California.

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