Renting Gear With A Monthly Fee Like Netflix? Parachut Tries a New Paradigm For Renting Cameras and Lenses

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We've shared several new ways to rent gear (like a post or two on CameraLends for example) but this is another unique idea that might just work… going with a monthly fee with unlimited rentals? 

This could just really take off and land gently (get the parachute pun there? I was really reaching for that one LOL)…

I was an early adopter of Netflix and just loved it. Still do.

So while I don't totally know exactly how much gear you can get per shipment (details are still a bit sketchy on the site) but it sounds like they will create a bundle based on your needs/desires and put together a kit and send it to you. Since they're new, and haven't even officially launched yet, I'm not sure if I could make a specific request for example.

Say I want to try the new DJI Phantom 4… would they send that to me? Or is it like Netflix where you have a wishlist and they send you what's on the top so you specify the order you want things?

I'm looking forward to seeing more. So I just signed up and we'll see!

What do you think? Great idea or something that will come crashing to earth (without a parachute… lol… another pun! HA!).

Parachut.Co – Sweet Granny's Gas Relief

Parachut is the Netflix of Camera Gear: Unlimited Rentals for $149/Month

via PetaPixel:

Parachut is a new startup that wants to do for camera gear what Netflix did for movies. It gives photographers unlimited gear for $149 per month.

While camera gear rental is currently dominated by a few big players (e.g. LensRentals, BorrowLenses) and some upstart peer-to-peer services (e.g. CameraLends, ShareGrid), Parachut is trying to take the concept in a different direction — the subscription model.

After paying the monthly fee of $149/month ($99 for the first month), you’ll provide Parachut with a list of what you’d like in the area of cameras, lenses, drones, accessories, and more.

Read full article at PetaPixel “Parachut is the Netflix of Camera Gear: Unlimited Rentals for $149/Month”

Source: (via Parachut via Resource Magazine)

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